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197W  “Wagner”
3949  “Monkey with Apple”
(X3)  Moritz
68  General Tilly
702  Woman
1376  Trumpeter of Säckingen
Hauber & Reuther
54  Student Fox
409  Scene from Faust
457  Militia Marching Band
3  Bowling Pin
15  Bismarck
56  Uncle Sam
(X5)  Schutzenliesel
Dümler & Breiden
27  “Frog as Roman Commander”
52  Warrior with Coats of Arms
177  “Germania with Saying”
1032  Military Symbols
CB2  “Brew House Clock Tower”
CS1  “Bud Man”
CS16  “German City Crests”
CS313  “Home for the Holidays”
Schultz & Dooley Characters
101  Schultz & Dooley
106  Bubbles LaBrew
121  Rod Lager
Mettlach (Villeroy & Boch)
171  “Twelve Months”
2012  “Symbols of the Hanseatic League”
2191  “Military Joke”
2900  Quilmes Brewery


97  Gnomes Harvesting Grapes
757  Happy Radish
806  Three Rhine Legends


35  Charlemagne
622  Funnel Man
1518  “The Anatomy Lesson”