Adolf Diesinger Stein Catalog

Founded by Karl Diesinger around 1860 in the town of Höhr and later operated during its stein production years (ca. 1890 to ca. 1910) by Adolf Diesinger, the Diesinger factory produced some of the most unique and interesting beer steins of its time. For more about Diesinger, see “Identifying and Dating Diesinger Steins”.

This on-line catalog has been developed specifically for use in the Beer Stein Library. By its very nature, it will continually be a work in process, designed to allow for updating as new facts are discovered. End-users are encouraged to contribute to that effort by submitting new information and/or photographs to us via e-mail addressed to [email protected].

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2   Edelweiss with Saying 3   Man Raising Stein
4   Prosit 4   Gnomes with Large Stein
5   Lovers 5   Gnomes with Large Stein
6   “The First Kiss” 7   Scrollwork with Saying
8   Tavern Scene 9   Children and Cherubs
9   Gnomes with Large Stein 10   “Farewell”
10   Jousting Tournament 11   Tavern Scene
14   Angel with Lyre 15   “Farewell”
15   Kissing Couple 16   Man Raising Stein
17   Tyrolean Couple 18   Three Portraits
19   Courting Couple 20   Mounted Soldiers Drinking
21   “Farewell” 22   “The Surprise”
23   “Act of Love” 24   “The First Kiss”
25   “On the Forest Lake” 26   “Young Werner with the Baron”
26   Tavern Scene 31   Tavern Scene
32   “Farewell” 32   Renaissance Drinker
33   Courting Couple 34   Tyrolean Couple
34   Tavern Scene 35   German Imperial Eagle
36   “The First Kiss” 36   Man Raising Stein
37   Tavern Scene 37   Three Landsknechte
38   Beer Garden Scene 38   Man Raising Stein
39   Tavern Scene 40   Beer Tasting
41   Three Landsknechte 42   German Imperial Eagles
43   Landsknecht with Sword 43   German Imperial Eagle
44   “The First Kiss” 45   Courting Couple
46   Tyrolean Couple 47   Couple Winding Yarn
48   Landsknecht and Woman 49   Coat-of-Arms
49   “Farewell” 50   Mounted Landsknechte Drinking
51   Beer Garden Scene 52   Peasants Dancing
53   Various Subjects 54   Woman with Mandolin and Stein
55   “The Sunday Hunter” 56   “Hunter’s Tales”
57   Lovers 58   “Longing”
59   Trumpeter of Säckingen 60   Beer Tasting
61   General Tilly 61   Renaissance Couples
62   Early Germans 65   Tavern Scene
66   Tavern Scene 67   Tavern Scene
68   General Tilly 70   Tavern Scene
71   Renaissance Musicians and Dancers 73   General Tilly
73   Dogs Chasing Stag 74   Tavern Scene
75   Shooting and Hunting Symbols 75   Scrollwork with Saying
76   Medieval Drinking Scene 77   Tavern Scene
79   Renaissance Musicians and Dancers 80   Tavern Scene
81   Courting Couple 81   Scrollwork with Saying
84   Courting Couple 86   Tavern Scene
87   Trumpeter on Horseback 87A   Edelweiss with Saying
88   Tavern Scene 89   Leaf Pattern with Saying
90   Landsknecht with Battle-ax 92   Courting Couples
93   Courting Couple 94   Landsknecht and Knight with Saying
95   Edelweiss with Saying 97   Scrollwork with Saying
99   Landsknechte 101   Tavern Scene
102   Courting Couples 102   Tavern Scene
106   Renaissance Couple and Children 110   Musician Lifting Beaker
111   Various Subjects 115   Renaissance Portraits
116   Gladiators with Coats-of-Arms 119   Tavern Scene
120   Tavern Scene 121   Tavern Scene
123   Beer Tasting 126   Woman with Two Suitors
127   Gnomes 133   Three Landsknechte
135   Three Landsknechte 143   Three Portraits of Men
150   Student and Wanderer 152   “The Surprise”
156   Woman Raising Stein 156   “Farewell”
157   Lovers in a Boat 171   Various Subjects
172   Various Subjects 176   Children Playing
179   Various Subjects 180   Various Subjects
182   Various Subjects 183   Various Subjects
184   Various Subjects 187   Various Subjects
188   Various Subjects 189   Various Subjects
192   Tyrolean Women 193   Tavern Scene
194   Tavern Scene 195   Tavern Scene
196   Tavern Scene 197   Tyrolean Women
198   Tavern Scene 199   Tavern Scene
200   Tavern Scene 201   Courting Couple
202   Munich Souvenir 203   Munich Souvenir
204   Munich Souvenir 205   “Farewell”
206   Munich Souvenir 207   “Farewell”
208   Tavern Scene 211   “Farewell”
212   “Young Werner with the Baron” 215   Tyrolean Women
216   Various Subjects 217   Landsknecht with Battle-ax
219   Landsknecht Drinking 220   Various Subjects
500   Dancing Couple 501   Courting Couple
502   Various Subjects 503   Hunter with Rabbit
504   Landsknecht with Battle-ax 505   Dancing Couple
506   Various Subjects 508   Hunter with Rabbit
509   Courting Couple 510   Dancing Couple
512   Courting Couple 513   Courting Couple
516   Courting Couple 524   Courting Couple
528   Gnome Adjusting Clock 529   Courting Couple
531   Courting Couple 532   Hunter in Forest
535   Two Hunters 536   Dancing Couple
537   Courting Couple 538   Courting Couple
540   Munich Child 541   Hunting Dogs
544   Munich Souvenir 546   Courting Couple
548   Hunter with Rabbit 549   Parading Children
551   Courting Couple 552   Courting Couple
554   Gnome Adjusting Clock 557   Courting Couple
560   Boy Riding Stick Horse 564   Hunter
565   Courting Couple 575   Man and Woman
577   Courting Couple 579   Munich Souvenir
580   Dancing Couple 583   Two Hunters
586   Gnome Adjusting Clock 587   Various Subjects
590   Hunter 591   Man Entering Ratskeller
592   Gnomes on Barrels 593   Courting Couple
597   Various Subjects 601   Landsknecht
602   Landsknecht 603   Landsknecht
605   Landsknecht 606   Landsknecht
614   Various Subjects 616   Various Subjects
617   Various Subjects 618   Various Subjects
619   Various Subjects 623   Various Subjects
624   Various Subjects 631   Various Subjects
634   Various Subjects 635   Various Subjects
636   Various Subjects 645   Various Subjects
647   Mounted Knight 648   Mounted Knight
649   Two Gnomes on Wall 650   Landsknechte
652   Mounted Knight 654   Gnome Adjusting Clock
655   Gnome Adjusting Clock 656   Gnome Adjusting Clock
659   Gnome Adjusting Clock 660   Civilians Conferring with Soldier
661   Gnome Adjusting Clock 662   Man Entering Ratskeller
663   Courting Couple 664   Courting Couple
665   Man Entering Ratskeller 666   Tyrolean Dancers
668   Courting Couple 669   Soldiers with Cannon
670   Man and Woman 671   Mounted Knight
673   Buffalo Bill 675   Buffalo Bill
680   Soldier’s Tales 681   Buffalo Bill
684   Tavern Scene 686   Mounted Knight
688   Forest Drinking Scene 689   General Tilly
690   General Tilly 692   Man with Hangover
693   Man with Hangover 694   Gnome
695   Munich Child 696   Tavern Scene
697   Gymnasium Teacher 698   Pig with Money Bag
699   Monkey Head 700   Ram in Barrel
701   Cat with Ball 702   Woman’s Head
704   Student 705   Gambrinus in Beer Barrel
706   King on Goat Cart 707   Tyrolean Dancers
711   Man and Woman 712   Duelist
714   Landsknecht 715   Policeman
716   Tyrolean Friends 719   Man with Jester Hat
720   Man with Jester Hat 721   Clown with Banjo
722   Ram in Barrel 723   Ram in Barrel
724   Gambrinus in Beer Barrel 725   Gambrinus in Beer Barrel
725   Gnomes 726   Gambrinus
727   Gambrinus 728   Gnomes
729   Munich Child 730   Munich Child
731   General Tilly 732   Woman
733   Trumpeter of Säckingen 734   Trumpeter of Säckingen
735   Gnomes 736   Cat with Kitten
737   Cat with Kitten 738   Student Fox with Pipe
739   Student Fox with Pipe 742   Musicians
743   Clown Musicians 744   Clown Musicians
745   Clown Musicians 746   Sad Jester
747   Jester 748   Jester with Concertina
749   Sad Clown 750   Clown with Flute
751   Clown 752   Man with Jester Hat
753   Clown with Horn 754   Sitting Lion with Pipe
756   Clown Musicians 757   Clown Musicians
758   Clown Musicians 759   Gnomes
761   Musicians 762   Clown Musicians
763   Man Wearing Apron 764   Man with Derby
765   Man with Tomcat 766   Clown with Horn
767   Clown 771   Clown Musicians
774   Juggling Clown 775   Organ Grinder Clown
776   Clown 777   Dancing Gnomes
778   Musical Gnomes 780   Musical Gnomes
782   Musical Gnomes 783   Dancing Gnomes
784   Clown Musicians 788   Dancers
789   Dancers 790   Gnomes
791   Man with Jester Hat 792   Clown
794   Man with Crown & Beer 795   Man with Beer Stein
799   Musical Gnomes 800   Musicians
801   Gnomes 802   Musicians
803   Musicians 804   Gnomes
805   Man with Crown & Beer 807   Gnomes
810   Gnomes 811   Gnomes
812   Dancers 813   Gnomes
814   Gnomes 815   Clown Musicians
817   Student Monkey 818   Musicians
819   Sitting Monkey 820   Gnomes
824   Gnome 826   Gnome
828   Gnome with Bow 829   Musical Gnome
849   Munich Child 856   Gnome with Bow
857   Gnome with Beer 858   Sitting Monkey
873   Musicians 874   Musicians
875   Gnomes 876   Triumphant German Warriors
877   Triumphant German Warriors 885   Chief Red Cloud
886   Portland, Oregon Souvenir 888   Bunker Hill Souvenir
901   Gnomes 902   Gnomes
906   Gnomes 913   Gnomes
916   Gnomes 920   Gnomes
922   Tyrolean Women 924   Gnome
927   “Laxey Wheel – Isle of Man” 929   Gnomes
933   Gnomes 935   Walking Bird
936   Gnomes 937   Gnomes
939   Two Women Dancing 941   Two Women Dancing
942   Trumpeter of Säckingen 944   Trumpeter of Säckingen
945   Gnomes 946   Gnomes with Dog Cart
947   Tavern Scene 964   Four Portraits of Men
971   Philosopher 972   Gnomes on a Barrel
1014   Musical Gnomes with Saying 1015   Gnomes with Coat-of-Arms
1027   Musical Gnomes with Saying 1060   Frolicking Jesters
1066   Gnomes at Work 1068   Gnomes Drinking
1077   Landsknechte with Coat-of-Arms 1082   Gnomes on Tree Branch
1088   Landsknechte with Coat-of-Arms 1090   Landsknechte with Coat-of-Arms
1091   Musical Gnomes with Saying 1091   Landsknechte with Saying
1095   Musical Gnomes 1098   Coat-of-Arms with Saying
1099   Holy Roman Eagle with Saying 1102   Holy Roman Eagle with Saying
1106   Monkey and Tomcat with Saying 1107   Gnomes Feasting
1108   Gnomes with Saying 1109   Gnomes with Saying
1111   Landsknechte at Table 1111B   Landsknechte at Table
1112   Tavern Scene 1130   Drinking Gnomes with Toast
1132   Gnomes with Saying 1133   Medieval Hunters
1136   Lyre and Musical Children 1139   Lyre and Musical Children
1140   Landsknechte with Saying 1143   Landsknecht Drinking
1147   Landsknechte 1147B   Landsknecht
1148   Landsknechte 1149   Landsknechte with Banner
1150   Trumpeter 1150   Landsknechte
1154   Two Landsknechte 1154   Landsknecht Drumer
1155   Landsknechte with Saying 1156   Gnomes with Coat-of-Arms
1159   Landsknechte at Table 1159B   Landsknechte at Table
1161   After the Hunt 1166   Munich Child with Landsknechte
1167   Renaissance Peasants 1168   Landsknechte with Saying
1169   “Löwenbräu” 1170   Students and Wanderer
1172   Gnomes with Saying 1173   Gnomes with Saying
1174   Gambrinus Raising Chalice 1175   Landsknechte Drinking
1177   Gnomes with Saying 1178   German Imperial Eagle
1179   Renaissance Figures 1180   Drinker
1182   Gambrinus Raising Stein 1183   Drinker
1184   Tavern Scene 1188   Tavern Keeper
1189   Men Drinking 1192   Man with Stein
1193   Gnomes with Saying 1194   Gnomes with Saying
1195   Renaissance Portrait 1197   Gnomes with Saying
1198   Tavern Scene 1202   Students Playing Cards
1205   Guest House Figures 1206   Renaissance Portrait
1207   Friedrich Ludwig Jahn 1208   Woman
1213   Tavern Brawlers 1214   South Seas Native with Top Hat
1215   Drinkers 1216   Gnomes with Saying
1217   Renaissance Portrait 1218   Carousers
1220   Tavern Scene 1221   Man in Top Hat Smoking Pipe
1222   Tavern Scene 1223   4F Symbol
1224   Figures with Saying 1225   Figures with Saying
1235   Drinkers with Saying 1239   Tavern Scene
1240   Three Men Drinking 1241   Tavern Scene
1250   Musician and Women 1251   Students Drinking
1252   Men Raising Steins 1253   Seated Drinker
1254   Two Women Serving Reclining Man 1255   Drinker
1256   Beer Barrel and Saying 1257   Drinkers in Vines
1258   Drinkers in Vines 1260   Drinkers in Clover
1262   People Seated at Long Table 1263   Student and Wanderer
1264   Student and Wanderer 1267   Zither Player and Dancers
1268   Zither Player and Dancers 1270   Landsknecht Toasting
1271   Courting Couple 1272   Scrollwork with Saying
1275   Figures in Floral Vines 1280   Seated Drinker
1281   Landsknecht Drinking from Large Stein 1282   Renaissance Drinkers
1283   Renaissance Drinkers 1284   German Imperial Eagle
1305   Musical Gnomes 1306   German Imperial Eagle
1307   German Imperial Eagle 1308   German Imperial Eagle
1316   Musical Gnomes 1317   Musical Gnomes
1318   Musical Gnomes 1319   Gnomes Drinking
1322   Gnomes 1330   Beer Barrel with Saying
1331   Heidelberg 1334   Harvest Scenes with Saying
1342   Musicians and Dancers 1347   Satyr with Saying
1353   Female Figures with Saying 1354   Royal Procession
1363   Gnomes with Saying 1365   Gnomes
1366   Gnomes with Saying 1367   Drinkers with Saying
1368   Landsknechte 1370   Courtly Scene
1372   Gnomes in a Tree 1373   Gnomes Drinking and Dancing
1376   Trumpeter of Säckingen 1378   Landsknecht
1380   Landsknechte Drinking 1385   Students Drinking
1388   Landsknechte 1392   Musical Cats
1395   High-Wheel Bicycler 1396   Fire Brigade Symbols
1397   Drinking Scene 1398   Gymnastics Symbols
1400   Battle Scene 1401   Landsknechte with Sayings
1402   Battle Planning 1404   German Imperial Eagle
1406   Knight and Landsknechte 1407   Gnomes with Saying
1409   Children with Saying 1410   Medieval Battle
1411   Cherubs in Chariots 1413   Drinking Couple with Saying
1418   Arms and Shields with Saying 1420   Coat-of-Arms
1422   German Imperial Eagle 1423   Man in Rowboat
1424   Woman and Child 1425   Drinker at Beer Barrel
1426   German Imperial Eagle 1427   Landsknechte
1428   Landsknecht with Stein 1429   Pin Boy
1431   Cherubs with Sayings 1433   Drinker and Monk
1434   Tavern Scene 1439   Landsknechte
1452   Coat-of-Arms 1471   Figures with Toast
1476   Man Raising Stein 1477   Tavern Brawlers
1481   Mounted Trumpeter and Groom 1484   Man Raising Stein
1488   Jester with Bird 1490   Tyrolean Couple
1495   Man Raising Stein 1497   Trumpeter of Säckingen
1504   Birds with Saying or Toast 1505   Woman at Beer Barrel
2048   Tavern Scene 3114   Various Subjects
3115   Trumpeter of Säckingen 3116   Landsknecht
3117   Troubadour and Woman at Window 7192   Young Man Celebrating
7258   Windmill Scene 7260   Birds and Sailboat
7264   Various Subjects


(F1)   Soldier (I1)   Gymnastics Symbols
(I2)   Women with Saying (I3)   Leaping Stag
(I4)   Castle Scene (P1)   Various Subjects
(P1a)   “Picture Puzzle” (P1b)   “Picture Puzzle”
(P2)   Various Subjects (P3)   Various Subjects
(P4)   Various Subjects (P5)   Various Subjects
(P6)   Various Subjects (P7)   Various Subjects
(P8)   Various Subjects (P9)   Various Subjects
(R1)   Marsh Bird (R2)   Boston Souvenir
(R3)   Tyrolean Women (R4)   Girl with Flowers
(R5)   Tyrolean Couple (R6)   Barmaid Riding Beer Barrel
(R7)   Coat-of-Arms (R8)   Denver Souvenir
(R9)   Child’s Stein (R10)   Child’s Stein
(R11)   Castle Tower (R12)   Hunting Dog with Fox
(R13)   Boy with Goat (R14)   Girl with Bouquet
(R15)   Hunting Dog with Rabbit (R16)   “Burro”
(R17)   Hunting Dog with Stick (R18)   Tyrolean Man and Woman
(R19)   Flying Bird (R20)   Child’s Stein
(R21)   Boy on Stick Horse (R22)   Hunters
(R23)   Beer Garden Scene (R24)   The Antlers, Colorado Springs
(R25)   Rainier Beer (R26)   Girl with Bouquet
(R27)   Six Portraits of Men (R28)   Tyrolean Couple
(R29)   Pike’s Peak Souvenir (R30)   Girl with Snowball
(R31)   Three Landsknechte (R32)   Courting Couple
(R33)   Courting Couple (R34)   Courting Couple
(R35)   Knight (R36)   Courting Couple
(R37)   Totems (R38)   Courting Couple
(R39)   “The Surprise” (R40)   Holy Roman Emperors
(R41)   Scrollwork with Medallions (R42)   Young Woman with Flower
(R43)   Floral Scrollwork with Toast (R44)   St. Augustine, FL Souvenir
(R45)   Mt. Clemens, MI Souvenir (R46)   Saying in Floral Frame
(R47)   Man Raising Stein (R48)   Munich Souvenir
(R49)   Munich Souvenir (R50)   Tyrolean Couple
(R51)   Reveler and Dog (R52)   Brigham Young
(R53)   Boy on Stick Horse (R54)   Courting Couple
(R55)   Munich Souvenir (R56)   New Orleans Souvenir
(R57)   Drinker (R58)   St. Louis World’s Fair Souvenir
(R59)   St. Louis World’s Fair Souvenir (R60)   St. Louis World’s Fair Souvenir
(R61)   St. Louis World’s Fair Souvenir (R62)   St. Louis Souvenir
(R63)   St. Louis Souvenir (R64)   Seven Falls Souvenir
(R65)   Heidelberg (R66)   Fire Brigade Symbols
(R67)   Drinker and Children (R68)   “Berlin Industrial Exhibition”
(R69)   Card Game (R70)   Gymnastics Symbols
(R71)   High-Wheel Bicycler (R72)   Gambrinus Raising Stein
(R73)   King and Knights (R74)   Landsknechte
(R75)   Edelweiss with Saying (R76)   Edelweiss with Toast
(R77)   Tavern Scene (R78)   Castle
(R79)   Happy Drinkers (R80)   St. Louis Souvenir
(R81)   Perched Bird (R82)   Courting Couple
(R83)   Courting Couple (R84)   Munich Souvenir
(R85)   Girl with Rabbit (R86)   Courting Couple
(R87)   Monks Drinking (R88)   Castle
(R89)   Drinker and Troubadour (R90)   Scrollwork with Saying
(R91)   Mounted Landsknechte Drinking (T1)   Scrollwork with Saying
(T2)   Gnomes Drinking (T3)   Landsknecht with Battle-ax
(T4)   Landsknecht with Plumed Helmet (T5)   Knight Drinking with Squire
(T6)   Landsknecht Drummer (T7)   Landsknecht with Firearm
(T8)   Landsknecht Drummer (T9)   Barley and Hops with Saying
(T10)   “The Surprise” (T11)   Landsknecht Raising Beaker
(T12)   Gnome Raising Stein (T13)   “The Surprise”
(T14)   Brewer Raising Stein (T15)   Monk Raising Stein
(T16)   Landsknecht Raising Beaker (T17)   Man Raising Stein
(T18)   Man Drinking at Table (T19)   Brewer Raising Stein
(T20)   Man Raising Stein (T21)   Monk Raising Stein
(T22)   Men and Women (T23)   Musical Gnomes with Saying
(T24)   Landsknecht (T25)   Peddler and Gentleman
(T26)   Gambrinus Raising Chalice (T27)   People at Table
(T28)   “The Surprise” (T29)   Beer Barrel and Saying
(T30)   Musical Gnomes with Saying (T31)   Gnomes Drinking
(T32)   Man Raising Stein (T33)   Seated Man
(T34)   Two Men at Table (T35)   Man and Woman at Table
(T36)   Man Raising Stein (T37)   Business Meeting
(T38)   Tyrolean Gathering (T39)   Man Raising Stein
(T40)   Landsknecht Drummer (T41)   Landsknecht with Firearm
(T42)   Gnomes with Large Stein (T43)   Girl with Flowers
(T44)   Tavern Scene (T45)   Landsknecht with Stein
(T46)   Man Playing Psaltery (T47)   Girl with Flowers
(T48)   Landsknecht Raising Beaker (T49)   Man with Pipe
(T50)   Couple Hiking (T51)   Two Men Seated at Barrel
(T52)   Musicians (T53)   Man and Woman at Table
(T54)   Flowers with Saying (T55)   Woman with Rake
(T56)   Warrior (T57)   Windmill Scene
(T58)   Landsknechte and Musician (T59)   Gnomes Drinking at the Beer Barrel
(T60)   Mounted Knight (T61)   Landsknechte with Saying
(T62)   Gnomes and Birds with Saying (T63)   Edelweiss with Saying
(T64)   Landsknecht Raising Beaker (T65)   Coat-of-Arms and Warriors
(T66)   Man and Woman at Window (T67)   Gnome on Barrel
(T68)   Musical Gnomes with Saying (T69)   Three Men Seated at Barrel
(T70)   Gnomes with Large Stein (T71)   Woman Raising Stein
(T72)   Landsknecht (T73)   Man Raising Stein
(T74)   Three Men Seated at Barrel (T75)   Musical Gnomes
(T76)   Gambrinus Raising Chalice (T77)   Gnomes Drinking at Table
(T78)   Gnomes with Large Stein (T79)   Barley and Hops with Saying
(T80)   Barley and Hops (T81)   “Zum Wohl”
(T82)   Gnomes (T83)   Gnomes Drinking
(T84)   Three Men Seated at Barrel (T85)   Man Raising Stein
(T86)   Landsknecht and Woman (T87)   Two German Imperial Eagles
(T88)   Munich Child (T89)   Three Men Seated at Barrel
(T90)   Landsknechte (T91)   Landsknechte
(T92)   Musical Gnomes with Saying (T93)   Drunken Gnomes
(T94)   Musical Gnomes with Saying (T95)   Gambrinus Raising Chalice
(T96)   Rowdy Drinkers (T97)   Man Raising Stein
(T98)   Man Raising Stein (T99)   Man Raising Stein
(T100)   Renaissance Portrait (T101)   Landsknecht
(T102)   Gnomes with Saying (T103)   Zither Player and Women
(T104)   Foresters with Imperial Eagle Shield (T105)   Man Raising Stein
(T106)   Bicycler (T107)   Three Men Drinking
(T108)   Munich Child on Winged Barrel (T109)   Munich Child on Barrel
(T110)   Renaissance Portrait (T111)   Monk with Stein
(T112)   Three Standing Men (T113)   Brewer Raising Stein
(T114)   “The Surprise” (T115)   “Drachenfels”
(T116)   Village Scene (T117)   Munich Child on Barrel
(T118)   German Imperial Eagle (T119)   Gambrinus Raising Chalice
(T120)   Barley and Hops with Saying (T121)   “Farewell”
(T122)   Festive Drinkers (T123)   Village Scene
(T124)   Heidelberg Castle Wine Barrel (T125)   Landsknechte with Saying
(T126)   Floral Branch with Saying (T127)   Renaissance Portrait
(T128)   Barmaid (T129)   Student and Wanderer
(T130)   Woman with Rake (T131)   Children in Beer Steins
(T132)   Scrollwork with Toast (T133)   “The Surprise”
(T134)   Barley and Hops with Saying (T135)   Landsknecht with Firearm
(T136)   Imperial Crest and Landsknechte (T137)   Gnomes with Saying
(T138)   Landsknecht (T139)   Landsknecht with Firearm
(T140)   Landsknecht with Battle-ax (T141)   Landsknecht Raising Beaker
(T142)   Beer Tasting (T143)   Scrollwork with Sayings
(T144)   Gambrinus Raising Chalice (T145)   Gnome with Saying
(T146)   Gnomes with Saying (T147)   Munich Souvenir
(T148)   German Imperial Eagle (T149)   Man and Woman at Table
(T150)   Tavern Scene (T151)   Tavern Scene
(T152)   Musical Gnomes (T153)   Landsknecht Raising Beaker
(T154)   Gnomes with Large Stein (T155)   Man and Woman at Table
(T156)   Sailboat (T157)   Windmill
(T158)   Man Raising Stein (T159)   Munich Child
(T160)   Musical Gnomes with Saying (T161)   Landsknecht with Stein
(T162)   Trumpeter Gnomes with Beer Barrel (T163)   Two Drinkers
(T164)   Man with Pipe (T165)   Landsknecht Raising Beaker
(T166)   Courting Couple (T167)   Siegfried’s Departure from Kriemhilde
(T168)   Man with Pipe and Stein (T169)   Mounted Knight
(T170)   Munich Child (T171)   Man Raising Stein
(T172)   Munich Child (T173)   Coat-of-Arms
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