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The Hobby of Beer Stein Collecting

A Brief History of Beer Steins
Beer Stein Collector’s Glossary
Collecting Antique Beer Steins
The Lure of the Beer Stein
What Does This Blasted Thing Say?
The Practical Side of Stein Collecting
Detecting Stein Repairs
Antique Beer Stein Prices: Adjustments for Condition
Capacity Marks by Manufacturer
Westerwald Beer Stein Handle Gallery

Early Ceramic Steins (Pre-1850)

17th and 18th Century Stoneware and Faience Steins
Kreussen Stoneware
Historical Salt-Glazed Stoneware From Central Germany
Westerwald Steinzeug: 1600-1914
Faience Steins
A Very Concise History of Faience and a Listing of German Faience Factories
Early Faience Stein Catalog
Early Stoneware Stein Catalog

Figural (Character) Steins

Why Character Steins?
The Steins of E. Bohne Söhne: An Introduction
Ernst Bohne Söhne Stein Catalog
Stahl-PKT Stein Catalog
Introduction to Schierholz Steins
Schierholz & Sohn Stein Catalog
Figural Munich Child Steins: History and Mysteries
Collector’s Guide to Antique Figural Skull Steins
Schultz & Dooley, et al.: A Collector’s Guide
Schultz & Dooley Character Stein Catalog

Glass Steins

Introduction to Glass Steins
Glass Glossary: Terminology for the Glass Collector
Glass Stein Manufacturing Techniques
Glass Coloring Techniques
Glass Decorating Techniques
American Cut Glass

Mettlach Steins

Mettlach Beer Steins: An Introduction
Mettlach Stein Catalog
Forward to Mettlach Steinzeug 1885 – 1905
The Mettlach Occupationals
The Mettlach Book Steins
The Mettlach Tapestry Steins

Mettlach City Scene Steins
Mettlach Decorations: Not Always What They Seem to Be
Mettlach Brewery Stein Variations
Mettlach Decorations That Vary by Size
Mettlach Inlay Variations

Introducing Heinrich Schlitt
Mettlach Artist Fritz Quidenus
Beer Steins Designed by Franz Ringer
The Artistic Contribution of Otto Hupp to the Manufacture of Stoneware in Mettlach

Non-Mettlach Ceramic Steins
See also “Figural (Character) Steins

Identifying and Dating Diesinger Steins
Adolf Diesinger Stein Catalog
Collector’s Guide to Dümler & Breiden Beer Steins
Dümler & Breiden Stein Catalog
S.P. Gerz Stein Catalog
Introduction to Girmscheid Steins
Matthias Girmscheid Stein Catalog
Reinhold Hanke Stein Catalog
Hauber & Reuther Stein Catalog
J.L. Knoedgen Revealed
J.L. Knoedgen Stein Catalog
Marzi & Remy Stein Catalog
The Steins of Reinhold Merkelbach
Reinhold Merkelbach Stein Catalog
Merkelbach & Wick Stein Catalog
J.W. Remy Stein Catalog
Rosskopf & Gerz Stein Catalog
J.P. Thewalt Stein Catalog
A.J. Thewalt Stein Catalog
Rare and Beautiful American Belleek Steins
Porcelain Beer Steins
Steins by Rookwood Pottery of Cincinnati, Ohio
The August Saeltzer Factory
“Royal Vienna” Steins
Whites of Utica

Metal Steins and Fittings

Introduction to German Pewter Steins
Silver-Plated Steins: A Brief History
Metal Arts Glossary
Pewter Fittings Through the Ages
European Silver Quality Markings

Modern Steins (Post-WWII)
See also “Figural (Character) Steins

SCI Convention Stein Catalog
Gerz “Limität” Steins (with Complete Catalog)
Oktoberfest Jahreskrüge Annual Stein Series Catalog
The Unheralded KING
Pewter-Banded Steins from Thewalt
What is it — German or Chinese?
The KING-Werk “Limität” Series

Anheuser-Busch Stein Catalog
“Reinventing” Brewery Steins
Which One Is It? CS-2, CS-28 or ?
CS-1, CS-100, CS-213: Bud Man’s Many Variations
Senior Grande Mug and Stein Variations

Regimental/Military Steins

Regimental Steins: A Brief History
Austrian Regimental Steins
Owner Designations on Regimental Steins
U.S. Military Steins

Student Association Steins

Introduction to Student Association Steins
Deciphering Student Association Symbols

Themes on Steins

“Father Jahn” and Athletic Motifs
The Munich Oktoberfest & Its Beer Steins
Munich Brewery Steins
Occupational Steins

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