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Character Stein Catalog

In 1959, trading on the popularity of  television commercials for Utica Club beer starring two talking beer steins named Schutz and Dooley, the West End Brewing Company (WEBCO) contracted to import 5,000 ceramic sets of the now-famous duo from German stein manufacturer KING-Werk. By 1995, the series had grown to include include almost a dozen other �actors� from those early commercials. When the supply of TV characters was exhausted, WEBCO (now F.X. Matt Brewing Co.) began to expand its figural stein offerings with additional characters designed to appeal to broad audiences based on connections to occupational and leisure activities. Today the series includes more that sixty different designs. For more about Schultz & Dooley character steins, see �Schultz & Dooley, et al. a Collector�s Guide�.

This on-line catalog has been developed specifically for use in the Beer Stein Library. By its very nature, it will continually be a work in process, designed to allow for updating as new steins in the Schultz & Dooley series are issued and as new facts are discovered. End-users are encouraged to contribute to that �discovery� process by submitting new information and/or photographs to us via e-mail addressed to [email protected].

In using this catalog, note that the numbering system is catalog-specific and not related to the ten digit numbers used by the F.X. Matt Brewing Company, sole distributor of these steins, to identify products for sale. The Library system begins with number 101, for the initial Schultz & Dooley pair, and moves sequentially, in issue date order, through the other steins in the series.

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101   Schultz & Dooley
102   Officer Sudds
103   The Countess
104   Farmer Mugee
105   U Cee
106   Bubbles LaBrew
107   Old Man Stein
108   Cousin Emma
109   Fireman Fritz
110   Sir Oliver Wendell Foams
111   Uncle Rudolph
112   Moon Man
113   Mulligan McBrew
114   Bartender
115   Nurse Polly Pilsener
116   The Giant
117   Graduate
118   Santa Claus
119   UC Runner
120   Max Millennium
121   Rod Lager
122   Wanda Goblet
123   Slugger Hopps
124   Mailman Mike
125   Biker Buzz
126   Football Fred
127   Scuba Diver Duo
128   Lt. Brewer
129   Schultz & Dooley 45th Anniversary
130   Parrot
131   Army
132   Navy
133   Pucky
134   Air Force
135   UC Man
136   Snowmobile
137   Chef
138   Hunter
139   Construction Man
140   Frosty Mug
141   Leprechaun
142   Pumpkin
143   Doctor
144   Miss Applebaum/Teacher
145   Uncle Sam
146   Brewski the Skier
147   Reindeer
148   Cowboy
149   Nutcracker
150   Porter the Penguin
151   Bride and Groom Set
152   Bagpiper
153   Frank N. Stein
154   Elf
155   Coach
156   Tourist
157   Hops the Frog
158   Vampire
159   Barley the Bear
160   Bacon the Pig
161   Captain Black Beer
162   Basketball Player
163   Mummy
164   Skull
165   Uncle Charlie
166   Turkey
167   Brewery Ghost
168   UC Christmas Tree
169   Charlie
170   West End Witch
171   Schultz & Dooley Holiday Set
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