S.P. Gerz Stein Catalog

Simon Peter Gerz formed the company that bears his name in 1857, beginning actual production of ceramic wares in 1862. The economic upheaval brought about by World War I and its aftermath caused Gerz to cease production for a brief period in 1917/1918 and again in 1923, but nonetheless the company managed to survive for more than 135 years and, in fact, became the dominant player among Westerwald ceramics manufacturers in the period following World War II. Some questionable strategic decisions in the 1990s forced Gerz into bankruptcy and a partial liquidation in 1997, and in 1999 the company permanently shut down all manufacturing operations. However, rights to use of the company name and trademarks were purchased by Domex Geschenk-Manufactur GmbH, which continues to distribute Gerz steins today, albeit produced mainly in the Orient.

This on-line catalog has been developed specifically for use in the Beer Stein Library. By its very nature, it will continually be a work in process, designed to allow for updating as new facts are discovered. End-users are encouraged to contribute to that effort by submitting new information and/or photographs via e-mail addressed to [email protected].

*N.B. — It is important for catalog end-users to note that Gerz numbered its steins using at least two unrelated and overlapping numbering systems, one beginning at the outset of production in 1862, and another beginning sometime around 1905, after which they both appear to have existed simultaneously. All steins numbered with a leading zero (e.g., “0130”) were identified using the later numbering system, as were many steins which omit the leading zero, generally numbered “200” or higher. Steins in this catalog are listed in applied mold number order, and no attempt is currently being made to separate the two (or other?) numbering systems. That being the case, the order of the listing below cannot be presumed to have any overall relationship to the chronological sequence of initial production.

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025   American Indians 027   American Indians
030   Student Cat 034   American Indians
040   Golfers 044   Golfers
046   Golfers 052   “Hangover”
054   Ram’s Head and Four-Leaf Clover Shields 060   Student Cat
061   Student Cat 072   Munich Souvenir
079   Munich Souvenir 096   Hunter with Dachshunds
097   Mannheim Water Tower 099   Art Nouveau Design
0100   Art Nouveau Design 0102   Art Nouveau Design
0130   Palmer Cox Brownies 0131   Palmer Cox Brownies
154   Peasant Dance 197   HRE Shield and Knights
203   Scrollwork with Mask 207   Peasant Dance
208   Monk 210   Renaissance Portraits
212   Munich Child 213   King and Knights
215   Portraits of Early Kings 216   Drinker at Beer Barrel
216B   Drinker with Two Steins 221   Drinker at Beer Barrel
223   Drinker at Beer Barrel 225   Scrollwork with Saying
226   Farewell Scene 227   “Farewell”
229   Scrollwork with Saying 230   Drinking Gnomes with Saying
232B   Renaissance Drinker 233   Gnomes with Saying
237   Tavern Scene 238   Peasant Dance
238C   Peasant Dance 239   Four Seasons
242   Renaissance Drinker 244   Gambrinus Raising Chalice
246   Scrollwork with Saying 248   Winged Trumpeters with Saying
250   Scrollwork with Saying 253   Mythical Creatures with Saying
255   Zither Player and Women 257   Tyrolean Men with Saying
258   Gnome and Fairy 258   Various Subjects
259   Germania 261   Rich Man
262   Musicians and Dancers 264   Scrollwork with Saying
265   Hunting Scene 267   Men with Saying
269   Scrollwork with Saying 270   Scrollwork with Saying
272   Zither Player and Woman 275A   Black Whale at Ascalon (Master)
275B/I   Black Whale at Ascalon I 275B/II   Black Whale at Ascalon II
275B/III   Black Whale at Ascalon III 275B/IV   Black Whale at Ascalon IV
275B/V   Black Whale at Ascalon V 275B/VI   Black Whale at Ascalon VI
276   Scrollwork 279   Scrollwork with Saying
281B   Scrollwork with Saying 281C   Woman’s Head with Floral Scrollwork
287   Three German Emperors 288   Three Holy Roman Emperors
289   Drinkers with Saying 292   Dogs with Saying
293   Renaissance Figures 294   Souvenir with Mythical Figures
295   Mythical Creatures with Saying 301   Drinkers in Hops Vines
302   Scrollwork with Saying 305   Jester with Beer and Radish
307   Child’s Stein 309   Drinkers with Saying
312   Nun 313   Mythical Creatures with Saying
314   Montgolfier Commemorative 315A   Courtly Drinking Scene
315B   Courtly Drinking Scene 316   Devilish Temptation
318   Knight 319   Mythical Battle
320   Scrollwork with Saying 325   Musical Children
330   Scrollwork with Saying 341   Carousers
345   Barmaid 346   Renaissance Drinkers with Saying
350   Scrollwork Trumpeters with Saying 361   Seated Diana with Hunting Symbols
363   Portraits of Famous Ancients 369   Landsknechte Carousing
371   Scrollwork with Saying 372   Scrollwork with Saying
374   Moltke the Elder 376   Scrollwork with Saying
380   Tavern Scene 386   Renaissance Drinkers
387   Geometric Pattern with Saying 394   Stork and Child
403   Carousers 404   Student
404b   Student Fox 410   Festive Courtly Scene
414A   Children 414B   Children
415   Tavern Scene 420   Ancient Deities with Saying
421   Peasant Dance 432   Village Scene
434   Scrollwork with Saying 436   Charlemagne with Coats of Arms
437   Coat-of-Arms 441   Floral Scrollwork with Saying
444   Owl 448   Tavern Scene
451   Ancient Deities 467   Tavern Scenes
473   Three Young Men 476   Hunter and Woman
477   Scrollwork with Toast 479B   Tyrolean Family Scene
495   Scrollwork with Saying 505   Tavern Scene
509   Flirting Scene 533B   Scrollwork with Saying
535   Scrollwork with Toast 539   Scrollwork
557   Renaissance Figures 558   Portraits of Famous Ancients
564   Falconer and Lover on Horseback 567   Scrollwork with Birds and Stags
572   Art Nouveau Floral Design 573   Geometric Pattern
581   Renaissance Scenes “Anno 1596” 584   Scrollwork with Saying
585   Scrollwork with Saying 588   Scrollwork
590   Scrollwork 591B   Twelve Months
592   Scrollwork Dragons with Saying 593   Scrollwork Dragons with Saying
595   Mounted Knights with Saying 598   Portraits of Famous Ancients
602A   Art Nouveau Floral Design 602B   Art Nouveau Floral Design
603   Portraits of Famous Ancients 604   Renaissance Portraits with Saying
605B   Renaissance Drinker 610B   Scrollwork with Saying
612A   Scrollwork with Saying 614   Renaissance Scenes with Saying
616   Scrollwork with Saying 623   Bardolph and Falstaff
629   Village Musicians 631   Mounted Knights with Saying
634   Child Hunters with Saying 635   Scrollwork with Saying
638   Fireman 645A   Unicorns with Saying
647   Coat-of-Arms 649   Hunting Symbols with Saying
650   Peasant Dance 659   Hunting Scenes
660   Hunting Dog and Stags 660C   Hunter and Stags
662   Teutoburg Forest Battle Scene 685b   Scrollwork with Saying
687C   Hops Vines 692   Knight
696   Trumpeter of Säckingen 700   Scrollwork
704   Ancient Warrior and Mythical Creatures 705   Scrollwork with Saying
717   Children 722   Children and Masks with Saying
729   Renaissance Drinking Scenes with Saying 731   Scrollwork with Toast
753   Scrollwork with Saying 757   Minerva and Mars
759   Standing Knight with Shield 770   Peasants Dancing
771   Musicians and Dancers 774   Personifications of Germany
775   Renaissance Figures 786   Boar Hunting
787B   Birds in Hops Vines 790   Minerva, Achilles and Agamemnon
804   Hops Vines with Toast 815B   Renaissance Figures in Arches
816   Ancient Deities with Saying 819B   Renaissance Peasants
821   Landsknechte 823   Scrollwork with Renaissance Portraits
824b   Decorated Hearts with Toast 825   Zither Player and Women
830   Renaissance Peasants 833   Peasant Dance
842   Flirting Troubadour 843   Biblical Warriors
844   Renaissance Figures 845   Barmaid and Tavern Scenes
845B   Munich Souvenir 846   Munich Souvenir
847   Flirting Troubadour 852   Tavern Scenes
853   Lovers 857   Decorated Hearts
858   Decorated Hearts with Toast 858c   Decorated Hearts with Saying
862   Three Figures 864   Biblical Figures with Saying
865   Drinkers 866   Lovers
872   Shaggy Dog 874   Scrollwork with Saying
876   Ancient Roman Deities 878   Scrollwork with Saying
880   Scrollwork with Saying 882   Teutoburg Forest Battle Scene
883   Scrollwork with Saying 888   Monkey with Boot
891   Early German Warriors 895   Scrollwork with Saying
899C   Scrollwork with Saying 902   Scrollwork with Saying
906   Renaissance Figures 910   Renaissance Drinking Scenes
913A   Faces in Circles 913B   Faces in Circles with Saying
917   Renaissance Portraits 919   Tavern Scene
962   Geometric Pattern with Saying 968   Flirting Scenes
969   Tavern Scene 979   Scrollwork with Saying
988   Guitar Serenade 989   Various Subjects
990   Woman with Two Suitors 991B   Tavern Scene
995   Tyrolean Dancers 1000   Tyroleans at Home
1001   Musical Cherub and Children 1002B   Wedding March
1005   Female Portrait with Cherubs 1006   Jug with Floral Friezes
1008   Tyrolean Portraits 1009   Tavern Scene
1011A   Rococo Dancers 1011B   Rococo Dancers
1012A   “Trumpeter of Säckingen” 1012B   “Farewell”
1014   Courting Couple 1015A   Rococo Dancers
1015C   Rococo Dancers 1016A   Courting Couple
1016B   Woman with Beer Stein 1033   Art Nouveau Stylized Bird
1035A   Steeplechase 1035B   Steeplechase
1035D   Steeplechase 1042   Tavern Scene
1044   Friedrich Ludwig Jahn 1059   Farewell Scene
1061   Hunter 1065   Railroad Symbols
1069   Horse and Rider 1076   Art Nouveau Floral Design
1080   “Homecoming from the War” 1082   Musical Children
1083   Wedding March 1084   Wedding March
1090   Hops Vines with Toast 1095   Portrait with Cherubs
1103B   Art Nouveau Floral Design 1104   Art Nouveau Design
1108   “B.P.O.E.” 1115   Doe and Hunting Dogs
1117   Enthroned King 1146   Art Nouveau Design
1147   Art Nouveau Floral Design 1150   Art Nouveau Floral Design
1151   Art Nouveau Grape Vines 1152   Hunter and the Goddess Diana
1172C   Hunter and the Goddess Diana 1176   Tyrolean Couple
1193   Art Nouveau Design 1205   Art Nouveau Design
1208   Medieval Courtly Scene 1209   Medieval Courtly Scene
1210   Tavern Scene 1214A   Evening Scene
1214B   Evening Scene 1215   Decorating a Hat
1216   Evening Scene 1217   Evening Scene
1218   Musicians and Dancers 1219   Gnomes Drinking Beer
1220   Evening Scene 1221   Musicians and Dancers
1222A   Hunter and the Goddess Diana 1222B   Hunter and the Goddess Diana
1223   Smoker with Pipe 1225   Smiling Face
1226   Sad Face 1228   Angry Face
1231   Smiling Face 1235A   Hunter
1236   Four Seasons 1237A   Hunter and the Goddess Diana
1237B   Hunter and the Goddess Diana 1245   Art Nouveau Design with Toast
1254   Hunter and the Goddess Diana 1285A   Art Nouveau Floral Design
1299   Art Nouveau Design 1303   Old Soldier Saluting
1303   Art Nouveau Design 1304   Tyrolean Dancers
1307B   Art Nouveau Design 1315   Art Nouveau 4F Symbol
1316   Art Nouveau Design 1318   Tavern Scene
1321   Card Game 1322   Barmaid
1323   Tavern Staff and Patrons 1324   Courting Couple
1326   Flirting Scene 1327   Art Nouveau Design
1328   Art Nouveau Design 1330   Art Nouveau Hearts Design
1333   Art Nouveau Design 1334   Tyroleans at Home
1335   Minerva, Achilles and Agamemnon 1336   Art Nouveau Design
1337   Art Nouveau Design 1338   Art Nouveau Design
1339   Art Nouveau Design 1340   Art Nouveau Design
1341   Art Nouveau Design 1342   Art Nouveau Design
1345A   Twelve Months 1345BI   Twelve Months I (Jan./Feb.)
1345BII   Twelve Months II (Mar./Apr.) 1345BIII   Twelve Months III (May/June)
1345BIV   Twelve Months IV (July/Aug.) 1345BV   Twelve Months IV (Sep./Oct.)
1345BVI   Twelve Months VI (Nov./Dec.) 1346   Four Seasons
1347   Card Game 1348A   Renaissance Musicians
1348B   Renaissance Musicians 1349   Art Nouveau Design
1353   Art Nouveau Design 1354   Art Nouveau Design
1359   Art Nouveau Floral Design with Saying 1360   Art Nouveau Design
1361   Art Nouveau Design 1362   Art Nouveau Design with Saying
1363A   Art Nouveau Design 1363B   Art Nouveau Design
1370   Munich Souvenir 1371   Munich Souvenir
1376   Art Nouveau Design 1379   Garlands with Parrots and Portraits
1380   Art Nouveau Design 1383   Two Monks
1384   Peasant and King 1386   Peasant and King
1388   Two Monks 1389   Peasant and King
1392   Art Nouveau Design 1394   Art Nouveau Design
1395   Art Nouveau Design 1396   Art Nouveau Design with Eagle Spout
1409   Art Nouveau Design 1419   Wagner’s Siegfried
1420   Wagner’s Die Walküre 1421   Wagner’s Lohengrin
1422   Wagner’s Götterdämmerung 1423   Wagner’s Parsival
1424   Art Nouveau Design 1428   St. George Slaying the Dragon
1428   Art Nouveau Design 1429   Dragon Slayer
1442   Art Nouveau Design 1444   Art Nouveau Design
1445   Art Nouveau Design 1455   Art Nouveau Design
1457A   Art Nouveau Design 1457B   Art Nouveau Design
1459   Art Nouveau Design 1463   Barmaid and Mandolin Player
1465   Farewell Scene 1471   Dancing Couple
1472   Dancing Couple 1474   St. Hubertus
1479   Lovers 1485   Two Monks
1486   Siegfried and Kriemhilde 1487   Siegfried’s Departure
1489   Siegfried and Greyfell 1491   Art Nouveau Design
1493   Village Scene 1494   “Wedding Dance”
1496B   Belgian Coat-of-Arms 1496D   Belgian Coat-of-Arms
1510   Art Nouveau Design 1511   Art Nouveau Rosette Design
1519B   Art Nouveau Design 1521A   Art Nouveau Design
1522A   Art Nouveau Design 1522B   Art Nouveau Design
1525   Art Nouveau Design 1526   Art Nouveau Design
1527   Art Nouveau Knight 1530   Art Nouveau Design
1531   Art Nouveau Design 1547   Art Nouveau Design
1553   Art Nouveau Design 1566   Art Nouveau Design
1574   Art Nouveau Design 1585   Bearded Man Jug with Roses
1588A   Man with Grinning Face 1590   Bearded Man Jug with Shields
1597   Bearded Man Jug with Floral Scrollwork 1615   Art Nouveau Design with Saying
1616   Art Nouveau Design 1635   Art Nouveau Circle Design
1636   Art Nouveau Design 1637   Art Nouveau Design
1638   Art Nouveau Design 1640   Art Nouveau Circle Design
1641   Art Nouveau Design 1642   Art Nouveau Design
1643   Art Nouveau Design 1645   Art Nouveau Design
1654   Art Nouveau Design 1655   Art Nouveau Design
1664A   Primitive Faces 1664B   Art Nouveau Leaf Design
1665   Art Nouveau Design 1666   Art Nouveau Spiral Design
1667   Art Nouveau Design 1668   Art Nouveau Spiral Design
1669   Art Nouveau Design with Saying 1670   Art Nouveau Design
1672   Art Nouveau Design 1674   Art Nouveau Floral Design
1675   Art Nouveau Hearts Design 1676   Art Nouveau Design
1678   Art Nouveau Design 2686   Art Nouveau Design
1690   Man Toasting 1691   Man at Punch Bowl
1692   Fat Man with Pipe 1693   Man Holding Wine Glass
1726   Art Nouveau Design 1729   Art Nouveau Circle Design
1740   Art Nouveau Design 1746   Art Nouveau Design
1754   Art Nouveau Design 1758   Art Nouveau Rosette Design
1768   Art Nouveau Rosette Design 1808   “Dance on the Alpine Meadow”
1816   “Tyrolean Life” 1866   Lovers
1961   Farewell Scene 2121   Tree of Life
2190   Art Nouveau Design 2261   Art Nouveau Design
2264   Art Nouveau Design 2270   Art Nouveau Design
2295   Art Nouveau Design 2299   Art Nouveau Design
2317   Art Nouveau Design 2347   Art Nouveau Design
2353   Art Nouveau Rosette Design 2390   Art Nouveau Hearts on Vines
2500   Art Nouveau Design 2511   Art Nouveau Design
3038   Tyrolean Dancers 3085   Musicians
3138   “Sleeping Beauty” 3198   Primitive Faces
3199   Art Deco Floral Design 3200   Art Deco Design
3201   Primitive Images with Saying 3203   Art Deco Floral Design
3214   Homing Pigeons 3238   Guitar Serenade
3243   Flirting Scene 3250   “Card Playing Peasants”
3251   Farewell Scene 3252   Woodcutters and Herdswomen
3258   “The Braggart” 3262   After the Hunt
3296   Art Deco Floral Design 3297   Art Deco Hops Design
3304   Art Deco Floral Design with Birds 3335   Art Deco Floral Design
3336   Art Deco Hops Design 3353   Art Deco Floral Design
3393   Art Deco Design 3426   Art Deco Design
3429   Art Deco Floral Design 3432   Art Deco Design
3435   Art Deco Barley and Hops 3455   Art Deco Design
3481   Art Deco Design 3482   Art Deco Floral Design
3484   Art Deco Design 3513   Art Deco Design
3660   Reluctant Dancer 3661   Tower with Strolling Couple
3665   Tavern Scene 3666   Outdoor Drinking Scene
3692   Tavern Scene 3723   Zither Player and Woman
7007   Navy Reservist Souvenir B1A   Hops Vines with Saying
B1B   Hops Vines with Saying B1C   Hops Vines with Saying
B2B   Scenes from Falstaff B3B   Outdoor Drinking Scenes
B8B   Hunting Dogs Breaking Fence B13B   Men Drinking and Smoking
B14   Card Game
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