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The SCI Convention Stein Catalog has been developed as part of an ongoing effort to provide current and accurate information on collector beer steins to Beer Stein Library members. By its very nature, it will continue to be a work in process, designed to allow for updating, both as new facts are discovered and as new SCI convention steins are introduced. End-users will note that, in spite of considerable research, some information has yet to be uncovered regarding manufacturers and production quantities. If you are in a position to fill in any of the blanks, marked in the catalog with N/A (i.e., not available), please take the time to share that information with others by sending it to [email protected].

Special thanks to John Hataloski, whose suggestion led to the development of this catalog, and whose collection supplied most of the models for the photographs. Thanks also to Walt Vogdes, long-time SCI member and officer, without whose efforts and input the catalog would have been significantly less complete and accurate.

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New York, NY 1967
Milwaukee, WI 1968
Pittsburgh, PA 1969
St. Louis, MO 1970
San Francisco, CA 1971
Minneapolis, MN 1972
San Antonio, TX 1973
New York City, NY 1974
Chicago, IL 1975
Los Angeles, CA 1976
Milwaukee, WI 1977
Mettlach, Germany 1978
Minneapolis, MN 1979
Cleveland, OH 1980
Boston, MA 1981
St. Charles, IL 1982
San Antonio, TX 1983
Trier, Germany 1984
New York City, NY 1985
San Diego, CA 1986
Washington, DC 1987
St. Louis, MO 1988
Dearborn, MI 1989
Hamburg, Germany 1990
Chicago, IL 1991
San Francisco, CA 1992
Bloomington, MN 1993
New Orleans, LA 1994
Milwaukee, WI 1995
Harrisburg, PA 1996
Seattle, WA 1997
Boston, MA 1998
Denver, CO 1999
Houston, TX 2000
East Rutherford, NJ 2001
Bad Schussenried, Germany 2002
Indianapolis, IN 2003
Kansas City, MO 2004
Long Beach, CA 2005
Valley Forge, PA 2006
Louisville, KY 2007
Bad Schussenried, Germany 2008
Las Vegas, NV 2009
Myrtle Beach, SC 2010
Providence, RI 2011
Annapolis, MD 2012
Los Angeles, CA 2013
Pittsburgh, PA 2014
Orlando, FL 2015
Corning, NY 2016
Chicago, IL 2017
Richmond, VA 2018
San Francisco, CA 2019
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