Anheuser-Busch Stein Catalog

From the first “Bud Man” produced in 1975 until its merger with Belgian brewing giant InBev in 2008, Anheuser-Busch was responsible for the production and marketing of some 600 different collector beer steins, building what for a time what was by far the most popular collecting specialty among U.S. collectors, with sales in the peak years reaching several hundred thousand units. This catalog is aimed at compiling what is known about these steins in a single location, including information on variations and current market prices. If you are an Anheuser-Busch stein collector and can add to our effort by contributing new information, we’d love to hear from you. Our e-mail address is [email protected].

Special thanks for their help in developing this catalog go to Sam and Samantha May of Sam’s Man Cave in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their inventory provided the models for many of the photographs in the catalog, and their knowledge about Anheuser-Busch steins made a substantial contribution to decisions that have been made regarding catalog content and pricing. Thanks also to  Joe Baird, whose A-B stein collection made a major contribution to pictorial content.

Important: Before using this catalog for the first time, please read Notes on Content.

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To use this catalog, simply click on the stein you would like to see. Should you wish to “browse” the catalog, you may do so by clicking on the “Previous” and “Next” buttons at the bottom of each catalog page. To return to the main listing, click on the “Go to Listing” button, which can also be found at the bottom of each catalog page.

CB1   “Budweiser Clydesdales at the Bauernhof”
CB2   “The Brew House Clock Tower”
CB3   “World’s Largest Brewer”
CB4   “King – A Regal Spirit”
CB5   “Pride & Tradition”
CB6   “The Budweiser Girls, Historical Reflections”
CB7   “Old World Heritage”
CB8   “Early Delivery Days”
CB9   “Bevo Mill”
CB10   “The Golden Age of Brewing, Circa 1898”
CB11   “Clydesdale Stable”
CB12   “The Bauernhof”
CB13   “The Collectors Club 5th Anniversary Stein”
CB14   “Born to Greatness”
CB15   “A Celebration of Anheuser-Busch Achievements”
CB16   “The Brew House”
CB17   “Living the Legacy”
CB18   “King of Beers”
CB19   “Equine Palace for Adolphus Busch”
CB20   “Budweiser 125th Anniversary”
CB21   “Busch’s Inn”
CB22   “Bevo Mill, circa 1918”
CB23   “1872 & 1886-1899”
CB24   “Historical Advertising 1936”
CB25   “Grant’s Farm Bauernhof”
CB26   “1890 & 1895-1898”
CB28   “St. Louis World’s Fair 100th Anniversary”
CB29   “World Famous Clydesdales”
CB30   “1933-1939 & 1975+”
CB31   “The Hitch at Home”
CB32   “2005 10th Anniversary”
CB33   “Brew House Clock Tower Commemorative”
CB36   “Budweiser Today”
CB37   “Budweiser Classic”
CB38   “St. Louis Decanter Set”
CB39   “Ceramarte 50th Anniversary”
CB43   “Faust”
CB44   “Tribute to Brewing”
CB45   “Busch Bavarian Pilsner Set”
CS1   “Bud Man”
CS2   “A&Eagle”
CSL2   “A&Eagle”
CS3   “Katakombe”
CSL3   “Katakombe”
CS4   “German Tavern Scene” (Olympia)
CSL4   “Senior Grande”
CS5   “Pileque”
CSL5   “Pileque”
CS6   “Senior Grande”
CSL6   “German Tavern Scene” (Olympia)
CS7   German Style Miniatures
CSL7   “Budweiser Centennial”
CS8   “Mini Mug Set”
CSL8   “U.S. Bicentennial”
CS9   “Natural Light”
CSL9   “Clydesdales”
CS10   Bud Girls
CS11   “Blue Delft”
CS12   “Clydesdales”
CS13   “Budweiser Centennial”
CS14   “U.S. Bicentennial”
CS15   “Clydesdales” (Grant’s Farm)
CS16   German City Crests
CS17   “Americano”
CS18   “Budweiser Label”
CS19   “Budweiser Champion Clydesdales”
CS19A   “Budweiser Champion Clydesdales”
CS20   Bud Girls
CS21   Bud Girls
CS22   “Budweiser Centennial”
CS24   A&Eagle Logo
CS25   Michelob Logo
CS26   “A&Eagle Barrel”
CS27   “Michelob”
CS28   “A&Eagle”
CSL29   “Clydesdales”
CS31   “Coracao Decanter Set”
CS32   “German Wine Set”
CS33   “Clydesdale Decanter”
CS34   “Holanda Decanter Set”
CS35   “Holanda Decanter Set”
CS36   “Canteen Decanter Set”
CS37   “St. Louis Decanter”
CS38   “St. Louis Decanter Set”
CS39   “Würzburger”
CS40   “Budweiser Chicago Skyline”
CS41   “Das Festhaus”
CS42   “Oktoberfest Busch Gardens”
CS43   “Natural Light Hofbrau Style”
CS44   “Busch Hofbrau Style”
CS45   “Michelob Hofbrau Style”
CS46   “Budweiser Hofbrau Style”
CS50   “Snowy Woodland”
CS51   “Budweiser Chicagoland”
CS52   “Budweiser Texas”
CS53   “Post Convention – Olympic”
CS54   “Post Convention – Olympic”
CS55   “Post Convention – Olympic”
CS56   “Budweiser California”
CS57   “50th Anniversary Celebration”
CS58   “Cameo Wheatland”
CS59   “Budweiser San Francisco”
CS60   “1984 Budweiser Olympic Games”
CS61   “Bud Light Baron”
CS62   “Covered Bridge”
CS63   “Snow Capped Mountains”
CS64   “Limited Edition I”
CS65   “Limited Edition II”
CS66   “Traditional Houses”
CS67   “Brew House”
CS68   “Horseshoe”
CS70   “Grant’s Farm Gates”
CS71   “Limited Edition III”
CS73   “Budweiser Stables”
CS74   “World Famous Clydesdales”
CS75   “Limited Edition IV”
CS76   “Horsehead”
CS77   “Horseshoe”
CS78   “Horsehead”
CS79   “St. Nick”
CS80   “King Cobra”
CS81   “1988 Winter Olympic Games”
CS83   “Grant’s Cabin”
CS84   “Old School House”
CS85   “Budweiser Winter Olympic Games”
CS87   “Post Convention – Heritage”
CS88   “Cobblestone Passage”
CS89   “Winter Evening”
CS90   “Mare & Foal”
CS91   “Bud Summer Olympic Games”
CS92   “Budweiser Summer Olympic Games”
CS93   “Classic I”
CS94   “Horse Harness”
CS95   “Budweiser Field & Stream Set”
CS98   “Limited Edition V”
CS99   “Parade Dress”
CS100   “Bud Man”
CS101   “Budweiser Label”
CS102   “Post Convention – Heritage”
CS104   “Classic II”
CS105   “Berninghaus”
CS106   “Bald Eagle”
CS107   “Nina”
CS109   “Erin Go Bud”
CS112   “An American Tradition”
CS113   “Classic III”
CS114   “Post Convention – Heritage”
CS124   “America’s Favorite Pastime”
CS125   “St. Louis Cardinals”
CS126   “Asian Tiger”
CS127   “Antique Budweiser Label”
CS128   “Gridiron Legacy”
CS129   “Pinta”
CS130   “Classic IV”
CS131   “Clydesdale Training Hitch”
CS132   “Chasing the Checkered Flag”
CS133   “The Season’s Best”
CS134   “Heroes of the Hardwood”
CS135   “African Elephant”
CS136   “Budweiser Bottled Beer”
CS138   “Santa Maria”
CS141   “Post Convention – Heritage”
CS142   “Babe Ruth”
CS143   “Budweiser Logo”
CS144   “Bud Light Logo”
CS145   “Michelob Logo”
CS146   “Michelob Dry Logo”
CS147   “Busch Logo”
CS148   “A&Eagle Logo”
CS155   “After the Hunt”
CS156   “Bud Dry Logo”
CS158   “Michelob Pewter”
CS160   “Bevo Fox”
CS161   “Clydesdales an Parade”
CS162   “1992 U.S. Olympic Winter Team”
CS163   “1992 U.S. Olympic Summer Team”
CS164   “American Bald Eagle”
CS165   “Par for the Course”
CS166   “Pot of Gold”
CS167   “A Perfect Christmas”
CS168   “Budweiser 1992 U.S. Olympic Team”
CS169   “Columbian Exposition”
CS171   “Jim Thorpe”
CS173   “Giant Panda”
CS174   “Post Convention – Heritage”
CS181   “General Ulysses S. Grant”
CS182   “Cherub”
CS183   “Peregrin Falcon”
CS184   “Budweiser Rodeo”
CS185   “Budweiser Oktoberfest”
CS186   “Killer Whale”
CS187   “Dolphin”
CS188   “General Robert E. Lee”
CS189   “Abraham Lincoln”
CS190   “Ganymede”
CS191   “A&Eagle Trademark I”
CS192   “Special Delivery”
CS193   “Bottled Treasure”
CS194   “Racing Team”
CS195   “Labrador”
CS196   “Bill Elliot”
CS199   “Grizzly Bear”
CS201   “A&Eagle Trademark I With Tin”
CS202   “1993 Budweiser Oktoberfest”
CS203   “Manatee”
CS205   “Setter”
CS206   “Joe Louis”
CS209   “Center Ice”
CS210   “Luck O’ the Irish”
CS211   “Hometown Holiday”
CS212   “Osprey”
CS213   “Bud Man”
CS216   “Adolphus Busch”
CS218   “A&Eagle Trademark II With Tin”
CS219   “A&Eagle Trademark II”
CS222   “Budweiser’s Greatest Triumph”
CS223   “Proud and Free”
CS224   “Budweiser Salutes the Army”
CS225   “Budweiser Golf Bag”
CS226   “Gray Wolf”
CS228   “Budweiser Salutes the Air Force”
CS229   “August A. Busch, Sr.”
CS230   “Official 1994 World Cup Commemorative”
CS238   “A&Eagle Trademark III With Tin”
CS240   “A&Eagle Trademark III”
CS242   “Tip O’ the Hat”
CS243   “Budweiser Salutes the Navy”
CS244   “Baseball Mitt”
CS246   “1996 U.S. Olympic Team: Track & Field”
CS247   “Great White Shark”
CS248   “Golden Retriever”
CS249   “Budweiser Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games”
CS251   “Budweiser Cowboy Boot”
CS252   “Mirror of Truth”
CS253   “Cougar”
CS255   “A&Eagle Trademark IV With Tin”
CS256   “Budweiser Salutes the Marines”
CS259   “Official Centennial Olympic Games”
CS262   “1996 U.S. Olympic Team: Gymnasts”
CS263   “Lighting the Way Home”
CS264   “Great Horned Owl”
CS265   “Adolphus Busch III”
CS266   “Centennial Olympic Games Giftware”
CS267   “Centennial Olympic Games Premier Edition”
CS269   “Horseshoe”
CS270   “Largemouth Bass”
CS271   “A&Eagle Trademark IV”
CS272   “Beagle”
CS273   “American Homestead”
CS278   “Billiards”
CS282   “Budweiser Label”
CS283   “Mountain Gorilla”
CS284   “Dolphin”
CS286   “August A. Busch, Jr.”
CS287   “Luck O’ the Longneck”
CS288   “Strike! Budweiser Bowling”
CS289   “Bud-weis-er Frog”
CS291   “Budweiser Oktoberfest ‘96”
CS292   “Clydesdale Hitch”
CS293   “Winter”
CS294   “Budweiser Salutes the Coast Guard”
CS295   “‘Play Ball’ Baseball”
CS296   “Springer Spaniel”
CS297   “Great Smoky Mountains”
CS298   “Budweiser Salutes Dad”
CS299   “TPC at Sawgrass”
CS300   “Martha”
CS301   “Budweiser Frog Character”
CS304   “1957 Chevrolet Bel Air”
CS305   “Let Freedom Ring”
CS308   “Africa”
CS311   “1900-1919”
CS313   “Home for the Holidays”
CS314   “Black & Tan”
CS315   “Bud Ice Character”
CS316   “Ruffed Grouse”
CS318   “American Worker I”
CS319   “Pheasant”
CS320   “Budweiser Toolbelt”
CS321   “Firefighter’s Boot”
CS322   “Budweiser Boxing Glove”
CS323   “Frankenstein Character”
CS324   “Dalmatian Character”
CS325   “‘Touchdown’ Football”
CS326   “Bald Eagle Character”
CS327   “Wild Turkey”
CS328   “Berlin”
CS329   “TPC of Scottsdale”
CS330   “Faust”
CS331   “The Hugenhots”
CS332   “Erin Go Budweiser”
CS333   “‘Swish’ Basketball”
CS334   “Grand Canyon”
CS335   “1920-1939”
CS336   “American Worker II”
CS337   “Prairie Chicken”
CS338   “Rainbow Trout”
CS339   “Australia”
CS340   “1957 Chevrolet Corvette”
CS342   “1940-1959”
CS343   “Grant’s Farm Holiday”
CS344   “Louie the Lizard Character”
CS346   “Munich”
CS347   “Budweiser Cowboy Boot II”
CS349   “Asia”
CS350   “Official 1998 Winter Olympic Games”
CS351   “1998 World Cup”
CS353   “American Worker III”
CS357   “Army”
CS359   “Stein & Tin I”
CS360   “NASCAR 50th Anniversary”
CS362   “Budweiser Golf Bag II”
CS363   “Ohio State University”
CS365   “Spring”
CS366   “Fox Family Den”
CS368   “Wolf Family Lair”
CS369   “Bear Family Cave”
CS371   “NASCAR 50th Anniversary Giftware”
CS372   “Louie & Frank”
CS373   “Siegfried”
CS374   “Elvis ’68 Comeback Special”
CS375   “Elvis ’68 Comeback Special”
CS376   “Yellowstone”
CS377   “Antarctica”
CS378   “Air Force”
CS379   “Labrador”
CS380   “TPC of Tampa Bay”
CS381   “Navy”
CS382   “NHL Team Steins”
CS383   “1960-1979”
CS384   “Mississippi Flyway”
CS385   “The Bud That Got Away”
CS386   “Clydesdales at Home”
CS387   “1980-1999”
CS388   “Cologne”
CS389   “A Century of Tradition”
CS390   “Stein & Tin II”
CS391   “Candy Cane”
CS392   “Vintage Holiday Vending Machine”
CS393   “Coke on Ice”
CS394   “Santa Character”
CS395   “Elvis Gold & Platinum Records”
CS396   “Elvis Jukebox”
CS397   “Pacific Flyway”
CS398   “Marines”
CS399   “Historical Slogans I”
CS400   “Early Illustrators I”
CS401   “Bud Man 30th Anniversary”
CS402   “Santa’s Reward”
CS403   “1959 Cadillac Eldorado”
CS404   “Blue Suede Shoes”
CS406   “Kenny Bernstein”
CS408   “Stein & Tin III”
CS410   “Central Flyway”
CS411   “Leapin’ Leprechauns”
CS412   “Crappie”
CS413   “St. Nicholas”
CS414   “Celebrating the Millennium”
CS415   “One Thousand Years of Progress – 2000 A.D.”
CS416   “Holiday in the Mountains”
CS417   “Coast Guard”
CS418   “1948 Buick Roadmaster”
CS419   “Musical Christmas Tree”
CS420   “Everglades”
CS421   “Separated at Birth”
CS422   “Ferret Takes Center Stage”
CS423   “Budweiser Millennium Label”
CS424   “Bluebird”
CS425   “North America”
CS428   “Dale Earnhardt Jr.”
CS429   “Atlantic Flyway”
CS431   “University of Missouri”
CS434   “Robin”
CS435   “Red-winged Blackbird”
CS437   “Meadowlark”
CS440   “1964½ Ford Mustang”
CS443   “Santa in His Sleigh”
CS444   “The Budweiser Clydesdales”
CS445   “Spuds MacKenzie Character”
CS446   “Whitetail Deer”
CS447   “American Revolution”
CS448   “Cape Hatteras Lighthouse”
CS450   “Dale Earnhardt Jr.”
CS451   “Historical Slogans II”
CS452   “Summer”
CS453   “Fall”
CS454   “Celebrating the Challenge”
CS455   “Holiday at the Capitol”
CS456   “National Guard”
CS458   “German Shepherd”
CS459   “Hitch Prospect”
CS460   “American Olympic Team 2000”
CS461   “Budweiser Draught Tower”
CS462   “South America”
CS463   “Columbia”
CS470   “‘Honor and Courage’ Firefighter”
CS471   “Run for the Moment”
CS473   “Neuschwanstein Castle”
CS483   “Dale Earnhardt Jr.”
CS484   “1956 Ford Thunderbird”
CS485   “Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games Premier Edition”
CS486   “1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS396”
CS488   “Santa Settles In”
CS489   “Cougar Family Camp”
CS490   “Historical Slogans III”
CS491   “Early Illustrators II”
CS495   “Pewter Barrel”
CS496   “A Tradition of Brewing Excellence 1876-2001”
CS497   “Blue Hawaii”
CS500   “Bald Eagle”
CS501   “Pre-Prohibition Beer”
CS502   “Dale Earnhardt Jr.”
CS503   1957 Pontiac Bonneville”
CS504   “Golden Retriever”
CS505   “The Chosen One”
CS506   “Generations”
CS507   “1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible”
CS508   “Moose”
CS509   “Thomas Point Lighthouse”
CS512   “Civil War”
CS513   “Europe”
CS514   “Anheuser-Busch 150th Anniversary”
CS515   2002 Budweiser Label
CS516   “Tradition and Heritage”
CS517   “Early Illustrators III”
CS519   “1976 Firebird Trans Am”
CS520   “Winter”
CS521   “St. Louis Brewery Icons”
CS522   “Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall Gang”
CS523   “1860-1919”
CS524   “1890s Budweiser Barrel Wagon”
CS525   “Blarney Castle”
CS526   “Hair O’ the Dog Pub”
CS528   “Windsor Castle”
CS529   “Guiding the Way Home”
CS530   “A Proud Heritage”
CS531   “Tradition and Heritage”
CS532   “2002 Budweiser Oktoberfest”
CS534   “‘To Serve and Protect’ Police”
CS535   “Taking the Checkered Flag”
CS536   “Anticipation”
CS537   “Sovereign of the Sky”
CS538   “Dachshund”
CS539   “Soaring”
CS540   “Das Boot Gasthof”
CS541   “John Barleycorn Tavern”
CS542   “Budweiser Draught Tower II”
CS543   “Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse”
CS544   “World War I”
CS555   “Member of the Team”
CS556   “Elk”
CS557   “Spring”
CS558   “Tradition of Quality”
CS559   “Majestic Eagle”
CS560   “Old Towne Holiday”
CS561   “Beagle”
CS566   “1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda”
CS567   “Army”
CS568   “Air Force”
CS569   “Marines”
CS570   “Coast Guard”
CS571   “Navy”
CS572   “1936 Budweiser Logo”
CS573   “‘Heroic Caretakers’ EMT”
CS574   “2003 Oktoberfest”
CS575   “Germania”
CS577   “Mardi Gras”
CS578   “St. Patrick’s Day”
CS581   “Wolf”
CS582   “Symbol of the Wilderness, Wolf”
CS583   “Summer”
CS585   “Bevo Fox”
CS586   “Aspiring Mascots”
CS587   “Alcatraz Island Lighthouse”
CS589   “World War II”
CS591   “Statue of Liberty”
CS592   “1920-1969”
CS593   “The Michelob Tavern”
CS595   “Freedom of Speech”
CS596   “Athens Olympic Games”
CS597   “Billy the Kid”
CS598   “1963 Corvette Sting Ray”
CS599   “Bear”
CS600   “Clydesdale Parade Dress Character”
CS601   “Jesse James”
CS603   “Pewter A&Eagle”
CS604   “Pewter Budweiser Crown”
CS605   “Pewter Bud Light”
CS606   “Making Friends”
CS607   “At Home”
CS608   “The Budweiser Clydesdales”
CS609   “2004 Oktoberfest”
CS610   “Clydesdales On Parade”
CS611   “Fall”
CS612   “2005 Bud Light Mardi Gras”
CS613   “Clydesdales in Ireland”
CS614   “Stable Pals”
CS615   “Budweiser Draught Tower III”
CS616   “1934 Budweiser Flat Bed Stake Truck”
CS617   “1948 Budweiser Logo”
CS618   “1970-2004”
CS619   “Pewter Half Barrel”
CS622   “At Home in the Wild, The Great American Grizzly”
CS624   “Largemouth Bass”
CS627   “Anheuser-Busch Traditions Ceramic Horn”
CS628   “Budweiser’s Clydesdale Holiday”
CS629   “Freedom from Want”
CS631   “Pewter Bevo Fox Miniature”
CS632   “Dressed for the Parade”
CS633   “1969 Pontiac The Judge”
CS634   “Mount Rushmore”
CS635   “2006 St. Patrick’s Day”
CS637   “Busch 50th Anniversary Commemorative”
CS639   “Clydesdales Mares and Foals”
CS640   “Dale Earnhardt Jr.”
CS641   “1952 Budweiser Logo”
CS642   “Pewter Holiday Clydesdale Miniature”
CS643   “Freedom of Worship”
CS644   “Freedom from Fear”
CS645   “Dad’s Pride and Joy”
CS646   “Dad’s Pride and Joy II”
CS647   “Making Friends”
CS649   “Slouch Cowboy Boot”
CS650   “Capitol Building”
CS651   “Dale Earnhardt Sr. Commemorative”
CS652   “Liberty Bell”
CS653   “Wolves”
CS654   “2007 St. Patrick’s Day”
CS655   “1970 Chevrolet Chevelle”
CS656   “2006 Budweiser Label Stein”
CS657   “Smiling Charlie”
CS658   “1956 Budweiser Beer Truck”
CS659   “Clydesdales Running Free”
CS660   “Army”
CS661   “Navy”
CS662   “Coast Guard”
CS663   “Marines”
CS664   “Air Force”
CS666   “Pale Lager Beer”
CS670   “Sunset at the Stables”
CS671   “Busch Stadium”
CS672   “Bevo Fox Horn”
CS675   “Waterford Crystal”
CS676   “Poker”
CS678   “2007 Holiday”
CS679   “2008 St. Patrick’s Day”
CS680   “Darts”
CS681   “Malt Nutrine”
CS685   “Waterford Crystal II”
CS686   “Grolsch Swingtop”
CS688   “1957 Budweiser Logo”
CS689   “Black & Tan”
CS690   “Yankee Stadium”
CS691   “Waterford Crystal III”
CS692   “2009 St. Patrick’s Day”
CS695   ”75 Years of Proud Tradition”
CS696   “BEC Conservation Fund”
CS697   “Budweiser Girls”
CS699   “2009 Holiday”
GL1   “The Dugout”
GL2   “Winchester”
GL5   “Saturday Evening Post Christmas I”
GL6   “Saturday Evening Post Christmas II”
GL9   “Wolf”
GL11   “Buffalo”
GL12   “Grizzly”
GL13   “Saturday Evening Post Christmas III”
GL15   “Wild Mustang”
GL17   “Mountain Lion”
GL19   “Mule Deer”
GL20   “Elk”
GM1   “Santa’s Mailbag”
GM2   “Golden Retriever”
GM3   “Santa’s Helper”
GM4   “John F. Kennedy”
GM5   “Springer Spaniel”
GM6   “Triple Self-Portrait”
GM7   “Mallard”
GM8   “Giant Panda”
GM9   “Rosie the Riveter”
GM10   “Winchester Model 94”
GM13   “All I Want for Christmas”
GM15   “4th of July”
GM16   “Pointer”
GM17   “Labrador”
GM18   “Decade of the 1930s”
GM19   “Calf Roping”
GM20   “Pheasant Hunt”
GM21   “Do Unto Others”
GM22   “Bull Riding”
GM23   “Decade of the 1940s”
GM24   “Duck Hunt”
GM25   “Saddle Bronc Riding”
GM26   “Decade of the 1950s”
GM27   “Quail Hunt”
GM28   “Train I”
GM29   “Train II”
GM30   “Train III”
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