J.P. Thewalt Stein Catalog

Founded circa 1852 in the Westerwald town of Höhr (now Höhr-Grenzhausen), the firm of Joh. Peter Thewalt maintained continuous operations through several generations thereafter. However, there is little evidence that any stein production took place prior to 1887, following the death of the founder and the takeover of management by his son Karl. Eventually succumbing to the to financial strain of the depression, the firm closed it doors for good circa 1930. J.P. Thewalt steins often exhibit striking similarities to those produced by the firm of J.W. Remy, including identical components such as handles and lid inlays. This crossover can be attributed to the fact that Karl Thewalt was married to the daughter of J.W. Remy, which led to the sharing between the two firms of technology, workers, and even a common kiln.

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1019   Tavern Scene 1022   Tavern Scene
1023   Tavern Scene 1024   Flirting Scene
1025   Tavern Musician 1027   Card Game
1033   Munich Child Images with Saying 1037   Tavern Scene
1038   Tyroleans at Home 1041   Flirting Scene
1053   Shields with Saying 1054   Cherub Drinking Wine
1057   Hunting Scene 1058   Hunting Scene
1068   Diana the Huntress 1069   Zither Player
1073   Renaissance Festival 1080   Musical Symbols
1081   Tavern Scene 1085   Landsknecht and Barmaid
1086   “Homecoming from the Shooting Match” 1087   “The Blacksmith of German Unity”
1088   Woman with Two Suitors 1089   Mandolin Serenade
1101   Tyrolean Entertainer 1102   “Hunter’s Retreat”
1104   “The Concert” 1127   Various Subjects
1143   Tavern Scene 1146   Farewell Scene
1147   Hunting Scene 1157   Mandolin Player on Beer Barrel
1159   Gnomes with Toast 1166   Man at a Well
1167   “A Tough Test” 1172   Farewell Scene
1173   “In the Munich Hofbräuhaus” 1174   Renaissance Couple
1175   Resting Hiker and Two Women 1178   Beer Garden Scene
1179   Courting Couple 1180   Tree Trunk
1187   Woman with Lyre 1188   Tyrolean Domestic Scene
1189   Hunter and Woman 1205   Lovers
1208   Hunter and Woman 1209   Marksman and Woman
1213   Tyrolean Musicians 1215   Couple Winding Yarn
1217   Tyrolean Couple 1218   Flirting Scene
1220   Tavern Scene 1221   Falstaff and Bardolph
1222   Tavern Scene 1223   Hunter’s Tales
1224   Renaissance Hunters 1225   Courting Scene
1227   Landsknechte Drinking 1229   Flirting Scene
1231   Flirting Scene 1241   Gymnastics Symbols
1247   Flirting Scene 1276   Art Nouveau Design
1291   Courting Scene 1292   Flirting Scene
1293   Flirting Scene 1294   Tavern Scene
1295   Wine Cellar Scene 1296   Monastery Drinkers
1297   Courting Couple 1322   Renaissance Dancers
1323   Art Nouveau Design with Saying 1324   Art Nouveau Design with Saying
1325   Art Nouveau Design with Saying 1326   Art Nouveau Design with Saying
1333   Man and Two Women 1334   Tyroleans at Home
1335   “Song Without Words” 1336   Flirting Scene
1337   “Emperor Charles the Great” 1338   Flirting Scene
1339   Tavern Scene with Performing Dog 1340   Heidelberg
1343   Trumpeter with the Baron 1346   Werner and Margaretha
1347   Werner Suprises Margaretha 1348   Zither Player and Woman
1349   Woman Serving Meal 1352   Dancers in Tavern
1353   “Teasing” 1354   Tavern Scene
1359   Barmaid Saluting Soldier 1361   “The Shooting King”
1369   Vintner Watering Wine 1370   Cherub and Troubadour
1375   “Emperor Charles the Great” 1378   Bowling Scene
1385   Battle Preparations 1386   Courting Couple
1390   Tavern Scene 1393   “Junior”
1394   “Freshy” 1395   “Soph”
1396   “Senior” 1397   Card Game
1409   Hunting Scene 1410   Bowling Scene
1411   Fortune Teller 1412   Tavern Scene
1413   Couple Showing Puppies 1414   Frauenkirche Tower with Munich Child
1433   Woman with Two Suitors 1434   “At the Morning Drink”
1452   Gymnastics Symbols 1453   Bicyclers
1470   Child Musician and Dancers 1473   Card Game
1474   Flirting Scene 1490   Knight and Woman Riding
1492   Beer Garden Scene 1493   Guitar Player and Students
1495   Renaissance Couple 1496   Ancient Buffalo Hunt
1497   “Falstaff’s Recruit Muster” 1498   “A Cool Drink”
1499   Knight and Squire Entering Tavern 1506   Art Nouveau Design
1508   Art Nouveau Design 1509   Art Nouveau Design
1522   Art Nouveau Design with Saying 1523   Art Nouveau Design
1535   Art Nouveau Rosette Design 1551   Art Nouveau Design
1570   Art Nouveau Design 1573   Art Nouveau Hearts with Saying
1579   Hunting Symbols 1653   Art Nouveau Birds
1658   Art Nouveau Design
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