J.L. Knoedgen Stein Catalog

The firm of J.L. Knoedgen, first ceramics factory to be located in the Westerwald town of Ransbach (now Ransbach-Baumbach), was founded in 1892 by Jacob Leopold Knoedgen. By 1910 the firm had grown to employ some 45 workers. Following Knoedgen’s death in 1935, management of the company was turned over to his son Richard, who continued producing beer steins until 1950, at which point production was shifted to other ceramic household items more in tune with Germany’s post-WWII requirements. For more about the company see “J.L. Knoedgen Revealed”.

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10   “Farewell” 183   Four Seasons
326   Bicycler 331   Defregger Images
356   Rowboaters 357   Heidelberg Student and Barmaid
358   Hunter’s Farewell 370   Trumpeter of Säckingen
373   “Poachers in the Herder’s Hut” 375   Gymnast with Flag
378   Ancient Battle Scene 379   Flirting Scene
382   Tyrolean Dancers 383   Tyrolean Dancers
388   Tyrolean Dancers 390   Lohengrin’s Departure
391   Flirting Scene 393   Lohengrin’s Departure
394   Lohengrin’s Departure 396   Hunting Scene
398   Card Game 399   Zither Player and Women
403   Hunting Scene 406   Various Subjects
407   Hunting Scene 416   Beer Garden Scene
419   Hunter’s Farewell 423   “Hunter’s Tales”
424   Brewmaster and Woman 425   “Farewell”
426   Beer Garden Scene 427   Flirting Scene
428   Dancing Couple 430   Scrollwork
431   “Farewell” 439   “Hunter’s Tales”
440   Brewer and Woman 441   Flirting Scene
450A   Tavern Scene 457   Tavern Scene
457A   Tavern Scene 458   Tyrolean Gathering
461A   Hunter’s Tales 469   Tavern Keeper and Wife
470   “Queen Louise” 576   Various Subjects
584   Outdoor Drinking Scene 589   “Farewell”
591   Tavern Scene 665   Tavern Scene
666   Tavern Scene 667   Tavern Scene
672   Introducing the Children 685   Kings in Arches
750   High-Wheel Bicycler 767   Drinkers on Horseback
773   Ancient Battle Scene 777   Tavern Scene
778   Four Seasons 807   Tyrolean Couple
822   Trumpeter of Säckingen 866   Drinking Monkey and Tomcat
932   Courtly Drinkers 933   Defregger Images
937   “Sleeping Beauty” 940   “The Surprise”
941   “Farewell” 942   “The First Kiss”
943   “Act of Love” 946   “Young Werner with the Baron”
951   Tavern Scene 952   Angel with Lyre
953   Landsknecht and Woman 956   Drinker
958   Couple Winding Yarn 960   Forest Scene with Deer
961   Tyrolean Couple 963   Courting Couple
964   Drinker with Toast 965   Tavern Scene
966   Courting Couple 968   Rococo Couple
969   General Tilly 971   Ancient Battle Scene
973   Ancient Battle Scene 981   Rococo Couple
982   Rococo Couple 983   Rococo Children
984   Rococo Couple 991   Dancing Couple
993   Trumpeter of Säckingen 994   Renaissance Gathering
995   Figures in the Style of Holbein 999   Trumpeter of Säckingen
1000   Dancing Couple 3600   Tyrolean Dancers
7691   Woman with Two Suitors


(X1)   Flirting Scene (X2)   Miner’s Lantern
(X4)   Tyrolean Dancers with Saying (X5)   Fishing Stories
(X6)   Watchman Carrying Drinker Home to Wife (X7)   Playing Cards
(X8)   Hunter Frog
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