Merkelbach & Wick Stein Catalog

The firm of Merkelbach & Wick was founded in 1872 in the town of Grenzhausen in the Westerwald by Friedrich Wilhelm Merkelbach II and Georg Peter Wick. They produced beer steins and other ceramic products under that name until 1921 when the heirs of the founders went their separate ways. At that point the firm was converted to a joint stock company operating under the name Wick-Werke AG, which remained in business until 1984.

This on-line catalog has been developed specifically for use in the Beer Stein Library. By its very nature, it will continually be a work in process, designed to allow for updating as new facts are discovered. End-users are encouraged to contribute to that effort by submitting new information and/or photographs to us via e-mail addressed to [email protected].

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1   Griffins with Crowned Shield 18   Jug with Coats-of-Arms
31   Scrollwork 33B   Scrollwork Figures with Saying
37   Scrollwork with Saying 38   Gnomes with Saying
49   Scrollwork 51   Scrollwork
54   Griffins with Coat-of-Arms 55   Primitive Images
72B   Scrollwork with Saying 77   Gnomes with Saying
83   Bearded Man Jug 101   Scrollwork with Saying
104   Bavarian Shield with Saying 145   Scrollwork
176   Griffins with Saying 209   Munich Child – Type I
230   Scrollwork with Sayings 231B   Scrollwork with Saying
234   Gnome in Hops Vines 235B   Children on Dragons with Saying
236   Hops Vines 238   Ignis and Aqua
239   Floral Scrollwork 241   Griffins with Saying
244   Floral Scrollwork with Saying 245   Renaissance Social Scenes
248E   Scrollwork Figures with Saying 249B   Scrollwork with Saying
251   Scrollwork with Saying 252   Hops Vine with Saying
253   Dancing Children 255   Children in a Vineyard
256   Student Fox 257a   Rich Man
257b   Rich Woman 258   Falstaff
259   Monk 270I   Monk
270II   Monk 270III   Monk
270IIII   Nun 270V   Monk
270VI   Monk 271   Griffins with Coat-of-Arms
273   Scrollwork with Saying 283   Floral Scrollwork
301   Religious Figures 302   Jesus and Apostles
303   Twelve Apostles 307   Faith, Hope and Charity
311   Renaissance Couples and Musicians 313   Scrollwork with Saying
371   Scrollwork with Saying 374   Barley and Hops with Saying
381   Bismarck – Type 1 382   Moltke the Elder
383   Fireman 388   Chinese Man
389   Wizard 392   Scrollwork with Saying
446   Griffins with Coat-of-Arms 457D   Fire Brigade Symbols
458   Scrollwork with Toast 459   Hops Vines with Saying
463   Scrollwork with Saying 464   Bavarian Shield with Toast
471A   Scrollwork with Primitive Faces 474   Drinkers with Saying
475   German Imperial Eagle 482   Floral Scrollwork
486   Mythical Creatures 487   Munich Child
488   Egyptian Drinkers 490   Scrollwork Rams with Saying
500   Scrollwork Figures with Saying 540B   Scrollwork with Saying
5474   Scrollwork with Saying 549   Scrollwork with Saying
551   Scrollwork with Saying 557   Scrollwork with Saying
573   Floral Scrollwork 577N   Nuremberg Souvenir
584   Bearded Man with Cherubs 586   Scrollwork with Saying
744   Scrollwork with Saying 755A   Mythical Creatures
759   Playing Cards 760   Playing Cards
767   Munich Souvenir 768K   Pin Boy
768R   Gymnastics Symbols 768Sch   Shooting Symbols
768V   Bicycler 769K   Pin Boy
769S   Music Symbols 769T   Gymnastics Symbols
769V   Bicycler 775   Scrollwork
776   Scrollwork with Saying 781   Tavern Reckoning
785   Musical Cherubs 788   German Imperial Eagle
917C   Carousing Landsknechte 918   Scrollwork with Saying
938A   Art Nouveau Floral Design 938B   Art Nouveau Floral Design
938D   Art Nouveau Floral Design 948   Art Nouveau Floral Design
949   Floral Pattern 1121E   Card Game
1121G   Tavern Scene 1122   Three Drinkers
1126   Card Game 1127D   Tavern Scene
1128A   Tyrolean Couple 1128B   Guitar Player
1128D   Reluctant Dancer 1128F   Monk and Woman
1130A   Man Pinching Woman’s Cheek 1131C   Tyrolean Musicians
1132C   Card Game 1133B   Renaissance Portrait
1140   Bowling Scene 1143A   Seated Hunter
1144A   Hunting Scene 1144B   Hunting Scene
1148A   Heidelberg 1148B   “Perkeo”
1149A   “Farewell” 1149B   “The Surprise”
1150A   Courting Couple 1151F   Courting Couple
1152A   Rococo Dancers 1152C   Courting Couple
1153B   Mandolin Player and Singer 1153E   Lovers
1153H   Woman Asleep on Garden Bench 1156C   Tavern Scene
1161   Art Nouveau Design 1166   Art Nouveau Design
1169A   Art Nouveau Floral Design 1169C   Art Nouveau Floral Design
1171C   Hunter Frog 1171D   Frog Smoking Cigar
1175A   Gnomes Drinking Beer 1175B   Gnomes Pouring Beer
1175C   Gnomes Kissing 1175D   Gnomes Rolling Dice
1178   Art Nouveau Flowers with Saying 1179   Edelweiss with Saying
1180   Lichtenhain Style Stein 1183   Various Subjects
1184   Various Subjects 1197F   Hunter’s Tales
1212   Three Drinkers 1213   Tavern Scene
1217A   Woman with Two Suitors 1217B   Flirting Scene
1229A   “Farewell” 1231   Rococo Dancers
1236   Art Nouveau Design 1237   Art Nouveau Design
1239   Art Nouveau Design 1242   Art Nouveau Design with Saying
1243   Art Nouveau Design with Saying 1246   Art Nouveau Floral Design
1254   Various Subjects 1281   Bicycler
1282K   Pin Boy 1283   Renaissance Drinkers with Saying
1286B   Tyrolean Dancers 1293   Rococo Dancers
1298A   Flirting Scene 1298B   Guitar Player and Dancers
1298D   Beer Garden Scene 1310   Renaissance Portraits
1314   Art Nouveau Design 1319   Art Nouveau Design
1323   Art Nouveau Design 1333   Courting Couple
1339   Art Nouveau Floral Design 1359   Ancient Portraits
1690   Art Nouveau Design 1699   Art Nouveau Design
1701   Various Subjects 1701   Various Subjects
1703   Various Subjects 1707   Various Subjects
1709   Various Subjects 1717   Various Subjects
1752B   Landsknecht Drinking and Smoking 1944   Bearded Man Jug with Crest
2092B   Two Students 2092C   Three Students
2092J   Tomcat and Herring with Saying 2093   Castle Scene
2097   Flirting Scene 2099A   Tyrolean Couple
2100   Art Nouveau Design with Saying 2101A   Art Nouveau Design
2101B   Art Nouveau Design 2104   Art Nouveau Design
2106   Art Nouveau Design 2107   Art Nouveau Design
2109   Art Nouveau Design 2110   Art Nouveau Design
2111   Art Nouveau Design 2112   Art Nouveau Floral Design
2113   Art Nouveau Design 2114   Art Nouveau Design
2115   Art Nouveau Design with Faces 2116   Art Nouveau Design
2117   Art Nouveau Hearts Design 2118   Art Nouveau Design
2120   Art Nouveau Design 2121   Art Nouveau Squares Design
2124   Art Nouveau Design with Toast 2125   Art Nouveau Circle Design
2134   Farewell Scenes 2137   Militia Marching Band
2152   Couples and Musician 2155   Beer Garden Scene
2158   Scene at a Well 2601   Satyr
3000   Bavarian Reservist Souvenir 3001   Musician and Monk
3001   Knight and Tavern Keeper 3001   Courting Couple
3002   Landsknechte Drinking 3002A   Tyrolean Family Scene
3002B   Tavern Scene 3002C   Tyrolean Musicians
3002D   Musicians and Dancers 3002E   Zither Player and Dancers
3002F   Tavern Scene 3012   Renaissance Couples
3018   Outdoor Drinking Scene 3019   Barmaid Serving Mounted Landsknechte
3025   Card Game 3027   Tavern Scene
3040   Tavern Keeper Pouring Beer 3052   Woman Tennis Player
3054   Rugby Player 3055   Steeplechaser
3075   Musician and Dancers 3078   Musicians
3127   Portraits of Men Drinking 3132   Gnomes Drinking
3204   Art Nouveau Knights 3208   Art Nouveau Design
3210   Art Nouveau Design 3214   Art Nouveau Animals
3215   Art Nouveau Design 3216   Art Nouveau Design
3217   Art Nouveau Design 3219   Art Nouveau Design
3225   Art Nouveau Design 3242   Art Nouveau Design
3248   Art Nouveau Teardrop Design


(F1)   Barmaid (F2)   Bismarck – Type 2
(F3)   Tomcat – Type I (F4)   Tomcat – Type 2
(F5)   Bustle Woman (F6)   Clown
(F7)   Exerciser in Beer Barrel (F8)   Frauenkirche Tower
(F9)   Friedrich III (F10)   Girl with Doll and Flowers
(F11)   Gnome with Mushroom Hat (F12)   Grethl
(F13)   Hans in Luck (F14)   Hanswurst
(F15)   Hunter (F16)   Iron Maiden of Nuremberg
(F17)   Kasper (F18)   King
(F19)   Knight – Type 1 (F20)   Knight – Type 2
(F21)   Little Red Riding Hood (F22)   Munich Child – Type 2
(F23)   Munich Child – Type 3 (F24)   Munich Child – Type 4
(F25)   Nuremberg Tower (F26)   Owl
(F27)   Princess (F28)   Queen
(F29)   Ram (F30)   St. Peter’s Church Tower
(F31)   Wendelstein (F32)   Wilhelm I
(F33)   Zugspitze (F34)   Wόrzburg Bell
(M1)   Military Reservist Souvenir (M2)   Army Reservist Souvenir
(M3)   Army Reservist Souvenir (M4)   Army Reservist Souvenir
(M5)   Army Reservist Souvenir (M6)   Field Artillery Reservist Souvenir
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