Schierholz & Sohn Stein Catalog

Schierholz & Sohn, as the company was known during its peak beer stein producing years between 1887 and 1899, created more porcelain figural (character) steins than any other maker of that era. For more about Schierholz, see “Introduction to Schierholz Steins”.

This on-line catalog has been developed specifically for use in the Beer Stein Library. By its very nature, it will continually be a work in process, designed to allow for updating as new facts are discovered. End-users are encouraged to contribute to that effort by submitting new information and/or photographs to us via e-mail addressed to [email protected].

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3   Bowling Pin 4   Bowling Ball
5   Happy Radish 7   Sad Radish
8   Sad Radish 10   Bismarck Radish
11   Pig with Pipe 12   Elephant
13   Singing Pig 15   Bismarck
16   “Kδthi” 17   Soldier with Spiked Helmet
22   Bavarian Cavalry Soldier 23   Hops Woman
24   Wilhelm II 25   Nuremberg Funnel
26   Nuremberg Judge 27   Drunken Monkey
28   Hungover Tomcat 29   Ram
30   Nuremberg Judge 31   Ludwig II
32   Ram Head 33   Elf Head
37   Jester Owl 38   Snowman
40   Friedrich Jahn with Cap 41   Friedrich Jahn with Laurel Wreath
42   Berlin Bear 43   Masked Woman
44   Barrel with Berlin Bear Handle 46   Seated Lion
47   Elderly Bismarck 49   Bicycle with Hungover Tomcat Lid
50   High-Wheel Bicycle 51   Hunter Dog
52   Hunter Fox 53   Hunter Rabbit
56   Uncle Sam 57   Mushroom and Gnomes
58   Target Barrel 59   Wilhelm I
60   Moltke the Elder 61   Munich Child on Barrel
62   Munich Child with Tomcat on Barrel 63   Heidelberg Student
64   Heidelberg Professor 65   Skull
66   Tyrolean Man 67   Turkish Man
69   Bόrgermeister 70   Chinese/German Soldier
71   Fisherman 72   Herring
73   Barmaid 76   Gherkin
81   Old Man 84   Alligator
85   Rhinoceros 87   Elderly Black Man
89   “Karoline” 91   Monkey on Barrel
92   Friedrich III 93   Frog
97   Clown 98   Smiling Woman
105   Tyrolean Boar 106   Stag Head
107   Stag with Monocle 108   Gentleman Rooster
110   Mephisto 111   Newspaper Woman
112   Radish Woman 113a   Dutch Boy
113b   Dutch Girl 114   Can-Can Dancers
118   Gooseman of Nuremberg 120a   Potato Man
120b   Potato Woman 121   Lion Head with Monocle
122   Mushroom Man 123   Mushroom Woman with Stein
124   Mushroom Woman 125   Baby Drinking Beer
126   Frauenkirche Tower 129   Innkeeper on Egg


(X1)   Berlin Bear Head (X2)   Owl with Headdress
(X3)   Munich Child on Barrel (X4)   Munich Child on Barrel
(X5)   Schόtzenliesel (X7)   Skull on Book
(X8)   Chinese Man (X9)   Sad Monkey
(X10)   Perkeo on Barrel (X11)   Munich Child in Barrel
(X12)   “K.H. Wolf” (X13)   Baby
(X14)   Stag Horn (X15)   Coffee Woman
(X16)   Coffee Bag (X17)   Renaissance Battle Scene
(X18)   Tree Trunk (X19)   Rugby Ball
(X20)   Student Boxer (X21)   Munich Child
(X22)   Munich Child (X23)   Munich Child
(X24)   Munich Child (X25)   Munich Child
(X26)   Poodle with Top Hat
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