Ernst Bohne Söhne Stein Catalog

Founded in 1848 by Ernst Bohne, a German porcelain painter, and taken over by his three sons following his death in 1856, the firm of Ernst Bohne Söhne (Ernst Bohne Sons) is generally regarded as one of the top figural porcelain stein makers of its era. For more about Bohne, see “The Steins of E. Bohne Söhne: An Introduction”.

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196   “Mozart” 197   “Beethoven”
197W   “Wagner” 514   “Tomcat”
567   “Norwegian” 695   “Skull with Snakes”
1041   “Lion Head” 1437   “Chauffeur”
1626   “Scat” 1785   “Lichtenhain Stein”
1794   “Owl” 2032   “Apple and Snake”
2350   “Shrapnel” 2477   “Gooseman of Nuremberg”
2726   “Hofbräu Drinker” 3030   “Double-Faced Skull”
3040   “Crocodile” 3879   “Owl”
3949   “Monkey With Apple” 3990   “Munich Child”
4007   “Beethoven” 4088   “Munich Child”
4142   “Partridge” 4192   “Corn”
4198   “Snufftaker” 4708   “Mephisto”
4709   “Pig” 4781   “Monkey”
5228   “Indian Head” 5368   “Double-Faced Skull”
5647   “Monk” 5827   “Buffalo”
5868   “Turnip” 5915   “Gherkin”
5940   Devil and Skull 6029   “Stag”
6935   “Owl” 6989   “Money Bag”
7112   “Mother-in-Law” 8423   “Skull”
8469   “Michel” 8982   “Frog”
9109   “Moon” 9136   “Skull on Book”
9183   “Stroller” 9360   “Hunter Jug”
9735   “Glass Stein With Skull” 11196   Munich Child in Barrel


(X1)   Munich Child (X2)   “Moneychanger”
(X3)   “Moritz” (X4)   Rudolstadt Souvenir
(X5)   “Buffalo”
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