“Bud Man”

Catalog No. CS1

Description: Stoneware, figural, 7˝".
Issue Year: 1975
Edition Limit: Unlimited
Manufacturer: Ceramarte (Brazil)

A wide range of variations have been noted on this first edition of Bud Man. Principal among them is “hollow head” (underside of head is concave and has a hole covered by a plastic plug) vs. “solid head” (underside of head is flat). These two steins are visually similar from the outside, as may be seen in the photograph below. It’s particularly worth noting that solid head Bud Man steins have a registered trademark symbol (®) following the letter N, while most known hollow head versions do not. In all likelihood, this is an indicator the the hollow head Bud Man was manufactured in earlier production runs. For more information see Bud Man’s Many Variations.

See also CS100, CS213 and CS401.

Price Range: $75-$100

Hollow Head/Solid Head Comparison
Hollow Head/Solid Head Comparison

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