Catalog No. CS12

Description: Pottery, 5" or 6¼", unlidded.
Issue Year: 1976
Edition Limit: Unlimited
Manufacturer: Ceramarte (Brazil)

Both sizes were produced with both flared and tapered rims. A decal variation with a green wagon and gray horses is also known to exist, as are tan bodies in both sizes. A number of widely varying body configurations can also be found with the CS12 decal, some with gold striping at the top and bottom. Variations also exist in the placement of the A&Eagle logo; whether or not there is “grass” depicted beneath the Clydesdales; the presence or absence of one or both text lines; and the color of the text (red or black), all of which are depicted on one or more of the examples below.

Larger sizes (7¼" - 8½") are also known to exist, as is a 2¼" miniature. Whether or not these and some of the other unusual body configurations should be considered CS12 is open to debate (see “Notes on Content” re: Variations).

Steins with identical decals were produced by the American Art China Co., and possibly others, which typically sell at prices well below their Ceramarte counterparts. Non-Ceramarte copies should not be considered to be CS12. Lidded examples with Ceramarte markings have also been seen, but were not sold by Anheuser-Busch and are probably the product of after-market additions.

Price Range (all versions) $30-$45


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