“Clydesdales” (Grant’s Farm)

Catalog No. CS15

Description: Stoneware, 5" (Hofbrau) or 6"-6¼", unlidded.
Issue Year: 1976
Edition Limit: Unlimited
Manufacturer: Ceramarte (Brazil)

The tall version of this stein exists either with all cases in the wagon or with cases and barrels. The red A&Eagle logo can found at either the bottom or the top. There is also a quarter inch height difference between some examples and others, as well as multiple painting and glazing variations (see “Notes on Content” re: Variations). Note that some rare variations have sold at prices dramatically higher than the “normal” price range stated below. Lidded examples are also known to exist, but were not sold by Anheuser-Busch and are probably the product of after-market additions.

Click here for a list of observed variations. Most tend to sell in or near the stated price range.

Price Ranges
Tall: $20-$30
Hofbrau: $40-$60

CS15 (Cases & Barrels)
CS15 (Cases & Barrels)

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