�Clydesdales� (Grant�s Farm)

Catalog No. CS15

Description: Stoneware, 5" (Hofbrau) or 6"-6�", unlidded.
Issue Year: 1976
Edition Limit: Unlimited
Manufacturer: Ceramarte (Brazil)

The tall version of this stein exists either with all cases in the wagon or with cases and barrels. The red A&Eagle logo can found at either the bottom or the top. There is also a quarter inch height difference between some examples and others, as well as multiple painting and glazing variations (see �Notes on Content� re: Variations). Note that some rare variations have sold at prices dramatically higher than the �normal� price range stated below. Lidded examples are also known to exist, but were not sold by Anheuser-Busch and are probably the product of after-market additions.

Click here for a list of observed variations. Most tend to sell in or near the stated price range.

Price Ranges
Tall: $20-$30
Hofbrau: $40-$60

CS15 (Cases & Barrels)
CS15 (Cases & Barrels)

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