Catalog No. CS28

Description: Stoneware, 10", pewter lid.
Issue Year: 1976
Edition Limit: Unlimited
Manufacturer: Ceramarte (Brazil)

Generally found in a fairly plain “standard” version (shown at right), but also exists with a number of color variations (see “Notes on Content” re: Variations). Other variations include a “narrow” or “wide” handle, the presence or absence of the words “St. Louis” in the top band, and varying times on the clock tower depicted on the side of the stein (not shown). The latter variations have little or no bearing on market value.

This stein is identical to CSL2. There is some unconfirmed speculation that versions with a narrow handle were released as CSL2, and those with a wide handle as CS28. For more information on this stein and its variations see Which One Is It? CS-2, CS-28 or ?.

Price Range: $18-$25


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