Catalog No. CS39

Description: Stoneware, 5" or 7½", unlidded.
Issue Year: Ca. 1979
Edition Limit: Unlimited
Manufacturer: Unknown (Germany)/Ceramarte (Brazil)

The 5" (“hofbrau” size) stein shown at the right, but with the label placed on either the front or the side, is the only version known to have been made in Germany. Ceramarte duplicated the German stein and later produced the steins with a different Würzburger label. The Ceramarte steins can be found in two different sizes. The later (yellow and green) Würzburger label can also be found in two different sizes — one about 3¼" in height and the other about 2½" (see comparison below).

Note: Similar steins with “Würzburger Light” logos are often sold as "CS39", although they probably weren’t designated with that product number at the time.

Price Range: $35-$50 (all versions)


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