“Snowy Woodland”

Catalog No. CS50

Description: Stoneware, 6¼", unlidded.
Issue Year: 1981
Edition Limit: Unlimited
Manufacturer: Ceramarte (Brazil)
Series: “Budweiser Holiday”

Second in an annual series, with CS19 (1980), CS57 (1982), CS58 (1983), CS62 (1984), CS63 (1985), CS66 (1986), CS70 (1987), CS88 (1988), CS89 (1989), CS112 (1990), CS133 (1991), CS167 (1992), CS192 (1993), CS211 (1994), CS263 (1995), CS273 (1996), CS313 (1997), CS343 (1998), CS389 (1999), CS416 (2000), CS455 (2001), CS529 (2002), CS560 (2003), CS608 (2004), CS628 (2005), CS670 (2006), CS678 (2007), CS695 (2008) and CS699 (2009).

Originally sold as “Clydesdales in the Snow”, the name of this stein was later changed to “Snowy Woodland”.

In addition to the “standard” version (right), this stein can be found with a relief with “Merry Christmas Chicagoland” replacing “Budweiser” at the top of the central image, as well as with a number of painting variations, including one with green (as opposed to the normally red) cases on the wagon (see “Notes on Content” re: Variations). Lidded examples are also known to exist, but were not sold by Anheuser-Busch and are probably the product of after-market additions.

Price Ranges
Standard: $90-$125
Chicagoland: $600-$750
Green Cases: $125-$175
Other Variations: $75-$110


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