“King Cobra”

Catalog No. CS80

Description: Pottery, 5½", unlidded.
Issue Year: 1987
Edition Limit: Unlimited
Manufacturer: Unknown (U.S.)/Ceramarte (Brazil)

The first version of this stein was black and had a cobra head in the square above the word “King”. This version was produced by an unknown U.S. manufacturer and also by Ceramarte in Brazil. The Ceramarte steins appear to be relatively rare. Two other versions of the stein also exist: one with a A&Eagle logo replacing the cobra head in version one, and another with a completely different label which again featured a cobra head. The second two label designs were applied to both black and white bodies, with the labels on the black bodies trimmed in gold.

Price Ranges
U.S.: $12-$18
Ceramarte: $75-$100

CS80 (Cobra Head)
CS80 (Cobra Head)

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