Catalog No. 8469

Porcelain, figural, 0.5L.
Also found as No. 8469/2, 0.3L.

“Michel” is the iconic German male, typically seen wearing a knit cap such as he appears in here. It is unknown whether the crossed eyes and fly in this rendition were intended to convey additional meaning.

Although the 0.3 liter size was listed in Bohne catalogs, there are no known examples.

Similar to Stahl No. 8469 (“Cross-Eyed Man”).

Price Ranges
8469 (Full-color): $3,000-$3,600
8469 (Ltd-color): $2,600-$3,200
8469/2: $2,500-$3,000

Bohne 8469
Bohne 8469

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