Three Scenes of Early Germans

Catalog No. 117

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 4.0L, pewter lid, signed “PD” (Peter Dümler).

Text (scene titles):
“Germanische Sænger”
(German Singer)
“Hermann entführt Thusnelda”
(Herman abducts Thusnelda)
“Segest’s Racheschwur”
(Segest swears revenge)

The side scenes on this stein depict two events in the ill-fated relationship between Hermann (or Aminius), leader of the German tribes in their victory over three Roman legions at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest (9 A.D.), and Thusnelda, the woman who would become his wife. In one of the scenes, Hermann is seen “abducting” Thusnelda following the battle. In the other, her father Segest swears a revenge that would eventually lead to Thusnelda being captured and enslaved by the Romans.

Master stein to No. 216. See also No. 586.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $250-$350
Ltd-color: $175-$250

Side Details
Side Details
DB 117
DB 117

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