Three Biblical Scenes

Catalog No. 391

Pottery (Siegburg style), relief, 2.0L, pewter lid, signed “PD” (Peter Dümler).

A variation of this stein can be found with copper plating and a copper lid (below left) applied by L.Thannemann & Cie, a Munich finishing shop and distributor. A more primitive, unnumbered and apparently earlier version of this stein exists, configured to resemble an actual 16th century Siegburg Schnelle (below right).

According to the manufacturer’s catalog, the three scenes depict: Abrahams Opfer (Abraham’s Offer); Melchisedech (or Melchizedek, a biblical king of Jerusalem); and Einkehr der Fremdlinge (Entering of the Strangers).

Price Ranges
Pottery: $125-$175
Copper plating: $250-$350

Scene Details
Scene Details
DB 391
DB 391

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