“Thirsty Postilion”

Catalog No. 743

Pottery, etched, 1.5L or 1.0L, inlaid lid.

“Sei froh mit den Fröhlichen.” (lid)
(Be happy with the joyful.)
“So hie u. da ein fester trunk nach guter alter Weise,
Erhohlung ist’s u. Haltstation auf unsrer Lebensreise.”
(So here and there a strong drink in the good old way,
it is refreshing and the way station of our life’s journey.)

Postilions carried the mail between post houses along their route, typically traveling mounted on one of the horses pulling a chaise (or post) coach.

Capacity variation results from the presence or absence of a recessed base. Both versions have the same external dimensions.

Price Range (either version): $175-$250

Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
DB 743
DB 743

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