Navy Reservist Souvenir

Catalog No. 1388

Pottery, transfer and relief, 1.0L, pewter lid, typically with figurine.

“Wer kämpften aut dem weiten Meere für Deutschlands Freiheit, Ruhm u. Ehre.”
(For he who fought on the vast seas for Germany’s freedom, fame and honor.)

From the 1888 until the onset of World War I, German males between the ages of 17 and 20 were obligated to serve a period of active military duty, normally three years for navy recruits, after which they became reservists, subject to recall through the age of 45. Upon completion of active duty, reservists often purchased souvenirs in remembrance of their experience, personalized beer steins being the most popular of these service mementos.

Note that the numerical identifier generally seen impressed on the base of this model (1388) is far higher than might be expected on a D&B stein made prior to World War I, and was probably applied at the request of a currently unknown finishing shop/distributor for whom the stein was produced.

Prices can vary dramatically depending on unit designation and on the presence of a variety of other special features.

DB 1388
DB 1388

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