Gnomes with Saying

Catalog No. 1407

Pottery, threaded relief, 0.5L, pewter lid.

“§11: Es kann weiter gesoffen werden.”
(§11: The drinking can continue.)
“O Mensch hab stets das Wort in Acht daί vieles Wissen Kopfweh macht.
Was man vermag und was man kann das macht erst den rechten Mann.”

(Oh people, always pay attention to the saying that a lot of knowledge makes your head hurt.
What you are capable of and what you can do is the thing that makes you a real human being.)

The “§11” in the first text string makes reference to the Bier-Comment (beer code) of Heidelberg University, which begins with paragraph 11. Paragraphs 1 through 10 are left blank and are generally presumed to be the Biblical ten commandments. Paragraph 11 of the Heidelberg code reads: “Es wird fortgesoffen,” which is often (if loosely) translated as “Keep on drinking.” The message on this stein, though phrased somewhat differently, could easily be translated in the same manner.

Price Range: $100-$150

AD 1407
AD 1407

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