“Oh Beautiful Golden Youth”

Catalog No. 14

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 1.0L or 0.5L, figural lid (hunter), signed “KB” (Anton Killian “Karl” Beuler).

“Noch ist die blühende goldene Zeit,
noch sind ya die Tage der Rosen.”

(It is still the blossoming golden time,
the days of roses are still with us.)

Text is from a poem entitled “Die Tage der Rosen” (The Days of the Roses), written in 1851 by Otto Roquette and set to music in 1863 by Wilhem Baumgartner.

Capacity variation results from the presence or absence of a recessed base. Both versions have the same external dimensions.

Same model number applied to a stein depicting a “Tyrolean Man Smoking”.

See also Nos. 65, 83 186 and 1060.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $60-$80
Ltd-color: $50-$70

MG 14
MG 14

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