Hunter and Woman

Catalog No. 194

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 1.5L, figural lid (woman), signed �KB� (Anton Killian �Karl� Beuler).

�Jetz gang i ans Br�nnele, trink aber net.�
(Now I go to the well, but I do not drink.)
�Nach der Heimat m�cht ich wieder.�
(I want to return to my homeland again.)

First text string is the opening line from a song entitled �Die drei R�selein� (The Three Little Roses), written in 1826 by Friedrich Silcher and sung to a melody from a 1765 symphony by Johann Zach.

Second text string is the title of a song written and set to music in 1885 by Karl Kromer.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $90-$125
Ltd-color: $75-$100

MG 194
MG 194

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