“Die Lindenwirtin”

Catalog No. 550

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 0.5L, pewter lid.

“Trink was klar ist, lieb was rar ist.”
(Trink what is clear, love what is rare.)

“Die Lindenwirtin” (The Linden Hostess) is the title of a poem, written by Rudolph Baumbach in 1876 and set to music in 1878 by Franz Wilhelm Abt. The poem honors Ännchen Schumacher (1860-1935), perhaps the most famous landlady/tavern keeper in German history and a popular figure with German students.

See also No. 639.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $60-$80
Ltd-color: $50-$70

MG 550
MG 550

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