Three Rhine Legends

Catalog No. 806

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 3.0L, figural inlaid lid (tower roof), signed “KB” (Anton Killian “Karl” Beuler).

Loreleyfelson (Loreley Rock)
“Ich weiss nicht was soll es bedeuten, daß ish so traurig bin,
ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten, das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.”

(I don’t know what it means that I am so sad,
I keep thinking of a fairytale from long ago.)
Der Letzte Templer (The Last Templar)
“Ein Morgen graut nach düstrer Nacht,
der letzte Templer hält still die Wacht.”

(Morning rises after a dark night,
the last Templar quietly stands guard.)
Die Sage von der Falkenburg (The Legend of Falkenburg)
“O’ Guntram Geliebter, willst scheiden von mir.
Mein Herz wird kranken aus Sehnsucht nach Dir.”

(Oh Guntram, my lover, you want to leave me,
My heart will be broken from yearning for you.)

The Loreley is a mythical nymph who is said to have once sat on a summit above the Rhine river singing songs and tempting boatmen to potential disaster on the rocks below with her haunting music and stunning beauty.

The Last Templar’s story takes place at the Castle Lahneck, where twelve Templars made their final stand against the forces of the Archbishop of Mainz, who wanted the castle for himself. After days of fighting only one Templar remained alive and, in recognition of his heroism, the Archbishop informed him that he would be allowed to surrender. Cursing the greedy cleric, the last Templar raised his sword and rushed to his death at the hands of his enemies.

The Legend of Falkenburg tells the tale of a young knight (Guntram) who is enchanted by the ghost of a beautiful dead maiden (Girlinde) with whom he is unfaithful to his betrothed (Dietlinde). Gutram then returns to Dietlinde and proceeds with their marriage, but the ghost of Girlinde appears at the wedding ceremony and lays a cold hand on Guntram, resulting in his lingering death.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $350-$500
Ltd-color: $250-$350

MG 806
MG 806

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