“Agnes von Staufen in the Palatinate”

Catalog No. 940

Pottery, relief, 3.0L, figural lid (tower roof).

“Horch das ist er wie war mir so bang;
O Sohn des Löwen wie säumtest du lang.
Sie fliegt ihm entgegen in holder Lust.
Er drückt sie fest an die treue Brust;
Lass nützen uns die Zeit, mein Lieb vom Rhein,
denn scheiden muss ich bei Frührots Schein.”

(Listen, it’s the one I was worried about;
Oh son of the lion how long did it take you.
She rushes toward him with great excitement.
He presses her tightly against his faithful breast.
Let us use the time, my sweetheart from the Rhine,
because I have to leave with the dawn’s red shine.)

The decoration on this stein is based on the true story of a love affair between a medieval countess and a duke. Countess Agnes von Staufen (1176-1204), heiress to the Rhenish Palatinate, had been promised to the French king. However, she fell in love with Heinrich von Braunschweig (1174-1227), Duke of Saxony and Bavaria, marrying him without the consent of the Emperor. Ultimately, the Emperor made the best of it, accepting the marriage and using it to further contemporary political ends, albeit somewhat less grandiose in nature than what might have been achieved with a marital link to the French crown.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $200-$300
Ltd-color: $175-$250

MG 940
MG 940

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