Three Young Men

Catalog No. 947

Pottery; etched; 3.0L; inlaid, pottery or pewter lid.
This stein exists in two different versions.

Text (Ver. 1):
“Es zogen drei Burschen wohl über den Rhein.”
(There were three young men who traveled across the Rhine.)

Text is taken from a song entitled “Der Wirtin Töchterlein” (The Innkeeper’s Daughter), written in 1809 by Ludwig Uland.

Text (Ver. 2):
“Nun ade, du mein lieb’ Heimatland, Lieb’ Heimatland, ade! ”
(Farewell my dear homeland, dear homeland, farewell!)

Text is taken from of an old Westphalian soldier’s song, written in 1851 by August Disselhoff.

See also Nos. 84, 159, 180 and 980.

Price Range: $175-$250

Version 2
Version 2
Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
MG 947
MG 947

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