Three Young Men

Catalog No. 947

Pottery; etched; 3.0L; inlaid, pottery or pewter lid.
This stein exists in two different versions.

Text (Ver. 1):
�Es zogen drei Burschen wohl �ber den Rhein.�
(There were three young men who traveled across the Rhine.)

Text is taken from a song entitled �Der Wirtin T�chterlein� (The Innkeeper�s Daughter), written in 1809 by Ludwig Uland.

Text (Ver. 2):
�Nun ade, du mein lieb� Heimatland, Lieb� Heimatland, ade! �
(Farewell my dear homeland, dear homeland, farewell!)

Text is taken from of an old Westphalian soldier�s song, written in 1851 by August Disselhoff.

See also Nos. 84, 159, 180 and 980.

Price Range: $175-$250

Version 2
Version 2
Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
MG 947
MG 947

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