“Loreley Rock”

Catalog No. 952

Pottery, relief, 0.5L, figural lid (tower roof).

“Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen
am Ende Schiffer und Kahn;
and das hat mit ihrem Singen
die Loreley getan.”

(I think the waves will in the end
devour the sailor and his ship;
and that was done by the Loreley
with her song.)

The Loreley is a mythical nymph who is said to have once sat on a summit above the Rhine river singing songs and tempting boatmen to potential disaster on the rocks below with her haunting music and stunning beauty. Text is the final stanza from the poem “Loreleylied” (Loreley Song), written by Heinrich Heine in 1823 and set to music in 1838 by Friedrich Silcher.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $100-$150
Ltd-color: $90-$125

MG 952
MG 952

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