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Catalog No. 1037

Pottery, relief, 0.75L, pewter lid, signed “KB” (Anton Killian “Karl” Beuler).

“Gutes Bier des Wirtes Zier.”
(Good beer is the innkeepers pride.)
“Bin ein fahrender Gesell, kenne keine Sorgen,
labt mich heut’ der Felsenquell, tut es Rheinwein morgen.”

(I am a wandering journeyman, with no sorrows,
If spring water quenches my thirst today, it will be Rhine wine tomorrow.)
“Wenn du zu meinem Schätzel kommst”
(When you come to my sweetheart)

The second text string is taken from a song (“Bin ein fahrender Gesell”), written in 1879 by Rudolf Baumbach and set to music in 1894 by Ludwig Keller. The third text string is from a song entitled “Des Knaben Wunderhorn” (The Youth’s Magic Horn), written by Justus Möser in 1778 and set to music in 1899 by Max Reger.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $60-$80
Ltd-color: $50-$70

MG 1037
MG 1037

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