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Catalog No. 1037

Pottery, relief, 0.75L, pewter lid, signed �KB� (Anton Killian �Karl� Beuler).

�Gutes Bier des Wirtes Zier.�
(Good beer is the innkeepers pride.)
�Bin ein fahrender Gesell, kenne keine Sorgen,
labt mich heut� der Felsenquell, tut es Rheinwein morgen.�

(I am a wandering journeyman, with no sorrows,
If spring water quenches my thirst today, it will be Rhine wine tomorrow.)
�Wenn du zu meinem Sch�tzel kommst�
(When you come to my sweetheart)

The second text string is taken from a song (�Bin ein fahrender Gesell�), written in 1879 by Rudolf Baumbach and set to music in 1894 by Ludwig Keller. The third text string is from a song entitled �Des Knaben Wunderhorn� (The Youth�s Magic Horn), written by Justus M�ser in 1778 and set to music in 1899 by Max Reger.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $60-$80
Ltd-color: $50-$70

MG 1037
MG 1037

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