Strolling Couple

Catalog No. 1048

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 1.5L, figural lid (woman), signed “KB” (Anton Killian “Karl” Beuler).

“Der lobt Bier und jeder Wein,
ich trinke beides wenn es rein.”

(One praises beer and another wine,
I drink both if they are pure.)

On some examples “Kissel Bräu” (a beer name) is impressed into the top band (not shown). Kissel Bräu was a product of the John Kissel & Son Brewery, which operated in Brooklyn, NY from 1893 to 1904.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $90-$125
Ltd-color: $75-$100

MG 1048
MG 1048

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