Black Whale at Ascalon I

Catalog No. 275B/I

Pottery, etched, 0.3L, inlaid or pewter lid.

“Im Schwarzen Walfisch zu Ascalon wird kein Prophet geehrt,
und wer vergnügt dort leben will, zahlt baar, was er verzehrt.”

(In the Black Whale at Ascalon no prophet is honored,
and he who wants to live there in pleasure, must pay cash for what he consumes.)

First in a set of six steins depicting scenes from the poem “Altassyrisch” (Old Assyrian) by Josef Viktor von Scheffel (1826-1886).

Note that this first stein in the Gerz series actually depicts the sixth and final verse in Scheffel’s poem rather then the first. The remaining steins in the series depict verses one through five in the normal order.

Master stein is No. 275A. See also Nos. 275B/II, 275B/III, 275B/IV, 275B/V and 275B/VI.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $90-$125
Ltd-color: $60-$80

Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
SPG 275B/I
SPG 275B/I

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