Scrollwork Dragons with Saying

Catalog No. 593

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 3.0L, pewter lid.

�Trinkt auch mancher And�re aus Gold feinen Wein,
wir freu�n uns nicht minder beim Bierkrug von Stein.�

(Even if some others drink fine wine out of gold,
we are no less happy with our beer stein made of stoneware.)

This is a late 19th century interpretation of a form that dates back to around 1550. Bearded man jugs (Bartmannkr�ge) feature the face of a bearded man at the neck representing the mythical woodland Wild Man of Germanic folklore, a symbol of strength and endurance.

Master stein to No. 592.

Price Range: $150-$225

SPG 593
SPG 593

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