Scrollwork with Saying

Catalog No. 244

Porcelain, pottery or stoneware master stein; threaded relief; 3.0L; pewter lid.
Same model number applied to 0.5L drinking steins with varying text.

Text (pouring stein):
�Im Bier liegt Kraft und froher Muth,
drum trink den Saft, er thut dir gut.�

(In beer lies strength and a happy spirit,
therefore drink the juice, it does you good.)

The word Saft (juice) as used here is an abbreviated form of Gerstensaft, meaning barley juice or beer.

Examples of the drinking stein exist with the saying replaced by a �4F� symbol (bottom row) representing a movement begun by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852), or �Turnvater Jahn�, who is credited with responsibility for organizing the first gymnastic clubs (Turn Vereine) in Germany during the early 19th century. The four Fs stand for �Frisch, Fromm, Fr�hlich, Frei� (Fresh, Pious, Happy, Free).

Price Ranges
3.0L: $150-$225
0.5L: $60-$80

HR 244 (3.0L)
HR 244 (3.0L)

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