Black Whale at Ascalon (Master)

Catalog No. 251

Porcelain, pottery or stoneware master stein; etched or threaded relief; 3.0L; pewter lid.

Each of the six scenes around the center band depict a different verse from the poem �Altassyrisch� (Old Assyrian) by Josef Viktor von Scheffel (1826-1886), which tells the story of a student who eats and drinks at a tavern named the Black Whale, until he is confronted with a bill which he cannot pay, at which point he is unceremoniously ejected.

Master to six drinking steins with the same model number and depicting scenes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Price Ranges
Etched full-color: $500-$650/ltd-color: $350-$450
Threaded relief: $150-$225

HR 251
HR 251

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