Catalog No. 531

Pottery, etched and relief, 0.5L, pewter lid.

�Wie treu in alten Sitten, gerecht in That und Werk,
liegt nicht in Deutschlands Mitten mein liebes N�renberg.�

(How true to old customs, correct in deed and work,
lies, in the middle of Germany, my dear Nuremberg.)

The text on this stein appears to be a corruption of dialog sung in Act 3, Scene 1 of Richard Wagner�s opera Die Meistersing von N�rnberg. The first line as found in the Meistersinger libretto reads: �Wie friedsam treuer Sitten, getrost in Tat und Werk�� (How peacefully with its staunch customs, contented in deed and work�). The remaining text on the stein matches that from the Meistersinger exactly.

Price Range: $175-$250

HR 531
HR 531

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