Drinking Monkey and Tomcat

Catalog No. 866

Pottery, etched, 0.5L, pewter lid.

�Wie die Raupe vom Schmetterling, stammt vom Affen der Kater,
wer das S�hnchen vermeiden will, h�te sich vor dem Vater.�

(As the caterpillar comes from the butterfly, from the monkey comes the tomcat,
who wants to prevent the little son should avoid the father.)

Image and text are taken from an illustration by Kaspar K�gler (1838-1923), part of an 1890 mural that once graced the Wiesbaden Ratskeller, but was sadly destroyed in World War II. To appreciate the meaning, it must be understood that the tomcat (Kater) is both a German symbol and idiomatic expression for a hangover, and that monkeys (Affen), in Germany and elsewhere, are symbolic of drunkenness (monkey on one�s back).

Price Ranges
Full-color: $60-$80
Ltd-color: $50-$70

JLK 866
JLK 866

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