Knight and Woman

Catalog No. 1070

Pottery, etched and relief, 1.0L or 0.5L, figural inlaid lid (Perkeo).

�Des Lebens Sonnenschein ist Trinken, Lieben.�
(The sunshine of life is drinking, loving.)

Perkeo (lid figure) was an 18th-century dwarf who served as both court jester and keeper of the royal wine keg in Heidelberg. Despite his size, he was reportedly quite a prodigious drinker and, according to legend, his death came about when he mistakenly drank a glass of water.

Capacity variation results from the presence or absence of a recessed base. Both versions have the same external dimensions.

This stein exists in two virtually identical versions numbered 1070 and 11070 (presumably later). Sale prices tend to be in the same general range for both.

Price Range: $125-$175

JWR 1070
JWR 1070

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