Catalog No. 1400

Pottery, relief, 1.0L, pewter lid.

“Willst du echte deutsche Kraft,
trinke des Gambrinus Saft.”

(If you want real German strength,
drink Gambrinus juice [beer].

According to Swiss legend, an Austrian bailiff named Gessler demanded that homage be paid to his hat, which he’d placed atop a pole. When Wilhelm Tell refused, he was seized and condemned to death. He was granted his life on the condition that he demonstrate his skill as an archer by shooting an apple from his son’s head. He did that successfully and was later able to escape and kill Gessler, sparking a rebellion against Austrian (Hapsburg) rule and resulting in the formation of the (Old) Swiss Confederation in 1291.

Text reference is to Gambrinus, “the king of beer”, long a universal symbol of beer and brewing. It has been suggested that the character may be drawn from the claimed real-life inventor of hopped malt beer, Jan Primus (Johann I), a 13th-century Belgian Duke and President of the Brussels Guild of Brewers.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $75-$100
Ltd-color: $60-$80

JWR 1400
JWR 1400

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