Satyr Head Jug

Catalog No. 652

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 1.5L, pewter lid (stoneware version shown with pressed metal lid).

�Erst mach dein Sach dann trink u. lach.� (pottery version only)
(First conduct your business then drink and laugh.)

This variation on the more commonly seen bearded man jug (Bartmannskrug) features the head of a Satyr at the neck in place of the mythical woodland Wild Man of Germanic folklore. Satyrs were creatures of Greek mythology, generally pictured with the horns, ears and lower body of a goat. They were playful and lustful lovers of wine and women who roamed the forests and mountains, often as part of the entourage of the god Dionysus.

Price Range: $90-$125

MR 652
MR 652

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