Daisies with Saying

Catalog No. 1427

Stoneware, enameled transfer, 0.5L, pewter lid.

�Massliebchen heisst dies� Bl�mchen hier,
drum lieb mit Mass und trink dein Bier.�

(This flower is called measure lover,
therefore love with measure and drink your beer.)

For purposes of understanding the intent of the verse, Massliebchen has been translated literally as �measure lover�. However, the pictured flowers are actually called �ox-eye daisies� in English. The word Mass can also be used to describe the amount (measure) of beer in a standard one-liter beer stein, or the stein itself as a shortened form of Masskrug (measure stein).

Price Range $50-$70

MR 1427
MR 1427

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