Gambrinus Raising Chalice

Catalog No. 1687

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 2.0L, pewter lid.

�Wohl bekomm�s�
(To your health)
�Beim Saft des Gambrinus, denk� nicht an Plus und Minus.
(While partaking of the juice of Gambrinus, don�t think of plus and minus.
Viel besser kr�het jeder Hahn wenn er die Kehle feuchtet an.�

Every rooster crows much better when he moistens the throat.)

Text reference is to Gambrinus, �the king of beer�, long a universal symbol of beer and brewing. It has been suggested that the character may be drawn from the claimed real-life inventor of hopped malt beer, Jan Primus (Johann I), a 13th-century Belgian Duke and President of the Brussels Guild of Brewers.

See also Nos. 1825, 1832, 1850 and 1855.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $125-$175
Ltd-color: $90-$125

MR 1687
MR 1687

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