Bonn Souvenir

Catalog No. 2891

Pottery relief, 0.5L, pewter lid.

“Gruss aus Bonn.”
(Greetings from Bonn.)
“Wisst ihr wo die Linde stand,
jedem Burschen wohlbekannt,
zu Godesberg am Rhein.”

(Do you know where the Linden stands,
every fellow knows well,
at Godesberg on the Rhine.)

Central image includes Bonn’s Neue Rheinbrücke (New Rhine Bridge) constructed in 1949, as well as a depiction of the Bruckenmännchen (Bridgeman), a stone sculpture originally attached to the first Bonn Rhine bridge, constructed in 1898 but destroyed in 1945 by retreating Nazis. The restored sculpture can now be found in Bonn’s Bonner Stuben restaurant on Wilhelmstrasse.

Second text string is from a poem “Die Lindenwirtin”, written by Rudolph Baumbach in 1876 and set to music in 1878 by Franz Wilhelm Abt, honoring Ännchen Schumacher (1860-1935), an inkeeper in Bad Godesberg, a village on the Rhine from which Drachenfels may be viewed. Bonn’s landmark Beethoven Monument appears on the right side.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $25-$40
Ltd-color: $20-$30

MR 2891
MR 2891

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