Nuremberg Rally Souvenir

Catalog No. 5191

Stoneware, relief, 0.5L, pewter lid, marked “WEKARA”.

“Stadt der Reichsparteitag/Nürmberg”
(City of Nazi Party Day/Nuremberg)

Each year between 1927 and 1938 the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazi Party), held a convention in the city of Nuremberg. These were largely propaganda events designed to energize the faithful, and in the years leading up to World War II attracted over half a million participants.

The image on the left side of the stein depicts the Bratwurstglöcklein (Bratwurst Bell), today a popular tourist venue for enjoying the local Nuremberg bratwurst, but with strong historical links to the Nazis, in that during the 1920s it served as a regular meeting place for leaders of the infamous Sturmabteilung (Storm Troopers or SA), the party’s paramilitary enforcers, often referred to as the “Brownshirts”.

On the right side is Nuremberg’s landmark Henkersteg (Hangman’s Bridge), so named because the tower on the bridge served as the the home of the local hangman, who was segregated from the general population because his trade was considered “dishonest” and contact with him would result in exclusion from the Christian community.

“WEKARA” is an acronym for Wilhelm E. Krumeich aus Ransbach, a Westerwald finishing shop and distributor.

Price Range: $125-$175

Lid Relief
Lid Relief
MR 5191
MR 5191

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