Iron Maiden of Nuremberg

Catalog No. (F16)

Stoneware, figural, 0.5L.

Ich alt Nürnbergerin bracht’ sunst den Tod.
Jetzt helf’ ich durst’gen aus der Notb.”

(I old woman of Nuremberg once brought death.
Now I help rescue the thirsty.)

An “iron maiden” is an anthropomorphous container lined with spikes and having two doors that were supposedly closed on the victim secured within. In fact, there is no existing record of an iron maiden having actually been used as a torture device at any point in history. Rather, it is believed that they were created during the 19th century to satisfy a collector market. Although a number of examples still exist, perhaps the most famous was the Iron Maiden of Nuremberg (Nürnburg), which was destroyed in 1944 by Allied bombing.

This stein was produced by Merkelbach & Wick for distribution by Theodor Wieseler, a Nuremberg dealer, and is typically bottom-marked “T.W.”

Price Range: $175-$250

MW (F16)
MW (F16)

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