Nuremberg Tower

Catalog No. (F25)

Pottery or stoneware; figural; 3.0L, 2.0L 1.0L, 0.5L or 0.25L, figural pewter lid (tower roof)

The building that served as the model for this stein is the landmark Frauenturm, a defensive tower constructed in the 16th century at the Nuremberg (Nürnburg) main gate.

These steins are found marked with either “T.W.” for Theodor Wieseler, a Nuremberg dealer, or with the circular MW/G of Merkelbach & Wick.

Price Ranges
3.0L: $600-$750
2.0L: $250-$350
1.0L: $125-$175
0.5L: $90-$125
0.25L: $75-$100

0.5L and 0.25L
0.5L and 0.25L
MW (F25) 3.0L
MW (F25) 3.0L

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