Oktoberfest München — 2016

Description: Stoneware, transfer, 1.0L, relief pewter lid or unlidded.
Artists: Linda Sophia Schultheis and Susanna Schneider (Munich, Germany)
Manufacturer: Rastal

The lid relief depicts Carl Gabriel (1857-1931), a prominent German showman who brought a number of exciting rides to the Oktoberfest, starting with the popular “Witches Swing” in 1894, later adding the “Hippodrome” in 1902 and the “Devil’s Wheel” in 1910. In 1897 he founded the Munich Division of the International Association of Traveling Showmen and Associated Professionals, and in 1907 he opened the pioneering Gabriel Film Theater, which was still in operation during the 2016 Oktoberfest and beyond.

Price Ranges
Lidded: $25-$40
Unlidded: $15-$25


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